We arrived at the park a little while ago. Set up was quick and easy. Wait a minute! Not so fast! There is one small hitch in our giddy-up… No TV reception… Good thing we are only here for four days! Sure hope there is warm weather and plenty of outdoor/sightseeing stuff to do here 😳

Happy update… We have TV reception! 😃

7 Replies to “Arrived Grayton Beach”

    1. I know Deb. This has been a really harsh winter and I’m sure everyone is ready for springtime!!

      Ken and I thought of you guys when we we on the fishing pier in Gulf Shores 😊

      Thanks for following the blog!


  1. Well thank goodness you have t.v.! 👏 I can’t think of anything else to do in that Loveshack on Wheels!! 😂 Had to say it Dorothy! You know me!!


  2. Yes, one thing about those State Parks is the TV reception isn’t always the best….but if you’re lucky you can get one or two crappy channels. Anyway, If you haven’t already checked out the little town of Seaside, you must. Just head east. It’s an adorable town. We rode our bikes all over that town. When we were there last they had about 10 food trucks lined up along the main street in town, you can’t miss it.
    All sorts of different foods. Drive around the town and see all the unique housing.
    Hope you’re not in site 22, because if it rains you’ll be in the middle of a lake, like we were last year on 2/14 for four days. Of course the water main had broke which added to the fun. Other than that, Grayton Beach was very nice. Enjoy!


  3. Robin, we will check out Seaside! We are considering buying some bikes, too. Fortunately, we are on site 42 so we’re not sitting in a puddle! This is a small park compared with Gulf Shores.

    Kenny says to tell you thanks for all the tips and he hopes you keep them coming since we are new at this. We also hope to meet up with you guys somewhere along the way.


    1. We are happy to help. I was hoping we might meet up with you guys, but Jerry’s mom passed away two weeks ago, (she is now at peace), and his dad’s dementia is kind of making it tough for us to get away. We moved them both into an assistant living community on Dec. 1, but without mom there to tell dad what to do he gets confused and wants to leave. It’s really up in the air what are plans are but I will be sure and stay in touch.
      YES, get some light bikes, you won’t be sorry. And be sure and get a front basket for yours Dorothy, it’s great to toss your bag in with a rain jacket. Middle of day sprinkles pop up often and it can be cool riding. I also suggest water bottle holders, bell and side mirror. (WalMart will have all of these items).
      There’s a small shoe store in a little shopping plaza where I bought some awesome Merrell sandals really cheap. It’s just a little west on that main road from the campground and north at the next main intersection. ENJOY!


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