Ken and I are both fascinated by the Spanish moss that drapes most of the trees here in Florida. Did you know that it is sometimes used as building insulation and that it isn’t moss at all? That’s right, it is actually a flowering plant.

Back to the blog… We have been in Largo almost a week and haven’t done much, except general housekeeping stuff. We did spend a nice afternoon at the pool one day, a couple of hours at Madeira Beach on Wednesday, nighttime TV outdoors (dark photo) in our zero-gravity chairs, and yesterday was a great day of golf. Pretty tame stuff, if you don’t count the alligators hanging around the water on the golf course. BTW, if happiness can be measured by the number of cigars a man smokes, I’d say Kenny is one happy man! (We may need an intervention, lol.)

We are still enjoying life in the RV, though we do get RV envy when we see some of the beautiful big rigs in the area. As mentioned before, we like talking with the other RVer’s and you might be as surprised as we were at how many Canadians are here. As one woman told me, “There wouldn’t be a lower Florida, if not for the Canadians.” As I understand it, they have government-provided medical insurance, so they come here for six months and then get back there so they can keep the benefit. Apparently, the migration back begins at the end of March and they are hoping to go home to warm weather.

Oh yes, the blog… Today we are inside due to some moderate rain and the temps will be cooler this weekend (high 60’s), but we don’t mind. If it was beautiful and sunny every day, we might get tired of it, NOT. We are looking forward to seeing Denise & Mike Minor at their home in Tampa tomorrow. I worked with Denise at MCC (Anheuser-Busch). I am loving seeing folks we know along the way and looking even more forward to seeing Logan, Jordan, Cori and Andy in a few weeks in Sarasota, but that’s a story for another day. For now, thanks for reading our RV travel blog and take care of one another wherever life takes you.

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8 Replies to “Largo, FL”

  1. Yes Dorothy, every year we see ‘lots’ more Canadiens in FL. And when they start talking their French Canadien language around a pool area you better have ear plugs, they take over in no time!! Are you planning on visiting the East coast of FL? Glad to hear you are not board yet!!


    1. Diane, you got that right… We hear them in their groups as we take our walks and they talk loud and fast, lol. Yes, we go from here on down the Gulf side of the Panhandle to Ft. Myers and through the Everglades across to Key Largo on the East coast. From there, we drop down to Key West before going north along the coast. Have made plans up through Washington, D.C. and working on New York. Planning is a huge part of this adventure!


  2. So glad you are enjoying life!

    I thought the same about the spanish moss. I no longer have to purchase it for my crafting 🙂

    I had never heard that about the Canadians we mostly meet New Yorkers and folks from New Jersey.


  3. Dorothy, I am thoroughly enjoying following your blog! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’m making notes of the places you found enjoyable to add to my “someday” list. 🙂


  4. Yes, the moss is beautiful. I had visited Florida way back in the early 80s over New Years weekend. On the last night we were there, there was a full moon over those trees and a large, colorful bird flew of the top of the trees in front of the moon. It was something I remember to this day.

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  5. Dorothy,

    I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful photos you post. My family and I stayed at Madeira Beach last summer. We loved it!

    Keep enjoying your permanent vacation : )

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