Kenny and I each worked hard for more than 30 years before selling our home of 16 years and going on the road to travel the U.S. in a motor home. Lots of people said it would be too small and they were right.

Yesterday we traded up to a 30 ft. class A with a full slide out that gives us more floor space. No more squeezing by each other. No more LOUD air conditioning and it actually looks and feels like home.

Now that we finally have that business taken care of, starting tomorrow we can relax and finally get over and start enjoying Sanibel Island, which is what we came here to do!

Our hope is that you are enjoying the RV blog and, once again, take care of one another.





14 Replies to “New RV”

  1. Last time we were on Sanibel Is they had red tide conditions. Lots of Dead Sea shells tangled up in heaps of sea weed. Smelled awful!!! Couldn’t open patio door smelled so bad. Lake Okechobe drains into that area, locals blamed the lake for the problem. Hope you don’t run into that!!


    1. How disappointing for you! I sure hope we find it in better condition. We haven’t seen or heard of anything like that going on now. Will let you know how it is 😊


  2. Congratulations, your new home looks beautiful. You both worked hard now enjoy it. Please keep the blog going.Larry


  3. Wow you guys don’t mess around, it looks beautiful, enjoy!! Our place here in Port St Lucie is a class A Resort, you could stay here!! Enjoy, loving your blog😄

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  4. Your new home looks beautiful : )

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time; I enjoy reading about your travels and seeing the beautiful pictures!!

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  5. Wow, good for you guys! Looks like plenty of room for the grand kids too!
    Believe it or not, we’ve never been to Sanibel Island so no tips here. We did ride our bikes along Lake Okeechobee, it was very nice, but hot when we were there (then again, it’s hot in Florida)(plus watch out for alligators). DOROTHY….DOROTHY… I LOVE YOUR HAIR CUT…you look ten years younger!!!! You go girl! We’re planning a trip to Montana for later this year, Glacier National Park. Haven’t been there since 1990 and can’t wait to go back. I’ll never get tired of the mountains and cool fresh air. Better get there before all the glaciers melt. Where are you headed after Sanibel?
    Well take care and we can’t wait to meet up with you somewhere (besides St. Louis) hopefully this year.

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