For as much as I love Florida’s beaches, I have to admit that upon seeing them again, that I truly appreciate the gently rolling hills, lush trees, and the horses and cattle grazing in green pastures. Georgia and Tennessee offered a warm welcome in this regard and I further admit that I’m not missing the constant need to sweep sand off the floor!

Our next overnight stay after leaving St. Augustine, FL was High Falls State Park, which is northwest of Macon, Georgia and south of Atlanta. The park is nestled in a forested area and wraps around a beautiful little waterfall created by a dam that brought water to the residents there in 1999. Imagine no indoor plumbing until then!

High Falls State Park in Jackson, GA was bustling with families when we arrived there on Saturday but it was quiet and ready for the next batch of families by the time we left on Tuesday. The rain was timed perfectly for the hikes we took on Sunday and Monday, but did interfere slightly with laundry day as I carried both basket and umbrella between loads at an outdoor washer and dryer just yards from our campsite.

We pushed off from High Falls and headed northwest again on Tuesday and arrived at Tims Ford State Park in Winchester, Tennessee after a six hour drive (with brief stops). Like most state parks, this one is also set back amongst the trees and you expect to see wildlife peeking through at you. Raccoons come out at night, deer stand alongside the road, and I’m still looking for bears! This park is surrounded by a vast lake by the same name (Tims Ford).

Since Lynchburg is only about 20 miles away, we planned this stop to include a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery. The tour was fun and interesting with a great guide who kept our group in stitches with his quick wit and good humor. I had never tried Jack Daniels products before, so my one ounce tasting was very enlightening!

We walked from the tour over to the town square and visited the gift shops and General Store (I had to get a Moonpie!) and had a late lunch at a BBQ place.

This morning we played an early round of golf (the first for me since early April). The course is a beautiful Jack Nicklaus design that surprisingly is located within the boundaries of Tims Ford State Park. Bear Trace was a real treat, except for the occasional bunker we found ourselves hitting from. With the high temps here, we were glad we started early and ended by noon, but we caught the early morning dew and some heat nonetheless.

After lunch and a brief rest we readied the RV for tomorrow’s drive which will take us further north into Louisville, Kentucky where we will gladly meet up again with Cori, Andy, Logan, and Jordan. We are meeting there to watch Logan play baseball with his team, The Buzz. The visit will include a 50th birthday celebration for our son-in-law, Andy. We can’t say enough good things about Andy… Love him!

Meanwhile, other members of our family are carrying on in their lives… Kim and Alan are traveling with her boyfriend, Ben. They are Europe-bound and traveling there for the next eleven days, so we wish them well. And, back at home our dear grand daughter-in-law, Hannah is carrying twin boys who are wanting to make their appearance very soon, so they are also on our hearts and minds.

Traveling full time is fun and exciting, but hard when you get to missing family and loved ones! So, remember those you love and hold dear and be kind to one another.

Bear Trace Golf Course @ Tims Ford State Park, Winchester, TN, 6/11/15
Hole #16
The Rickyard – these white ash pallets are burned to make charcoal that is then used to filter the white lightening through in the making of Jack Daniels.
The cave spring water is used in making Jack Daniels.
I’m not sure, but I think Kenny won the game 😉
You never know what you’re going to see when you’re on the road!
After hearing me whine about missing out on National Donut Day, Kenny surprised me a day later with these. It was a nice gesture, but a chocolate frosted, cream-filled would have been my first choice!
Downtown Atlanta
Near Tennessee
He drives and I navigate… And crochet.
High Falls hiking trail
The view from our campsite at High Falls
High Falls
The dam at High Falls
The lake at High Falls
Rough terrain hiking trail

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7 Replies to “High Falls and Tims Ford”

  1. We have friends living in Louisville. If you’re spending time there go tour Louisville Slugger bat factory. Tour Churchill Downs where Kentucky Derby is run. Go downtown to 4th St and walk. The Seelbach historic hotel you’ll see at beginning of 4th st, we have stayed there several times. And of course there’s a Bourbon trail with the major distilleries that is very interesting and beautiful. Looks like you’re still having a great time!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dorothy,

    Still enjoying all of the beautiful pictures you post, especially since I won’t be able to “escape” Missouri at all this year, which makes me enjoy them even more!!! Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next!!

    Continue to have fun and enjoy!!! : )



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