We drove on June 12 from Winchester, TN through Louisville, KY to Clarksville, IN. The drive should have only been about four hours, but because of a road closure and detour through the countryside, stretched out to six. Not so bad, except that we were anxious to get there and see Cori, Andy, Logan and Jordan. We were meeting up with them in Louisville for a long weekend to watch Logan’s team, The Buzz play baseball.

We finally arrived, but it was late, so we just met up with them on Saturday morning at the Lyndon Recreation Area. The Buzz played a double-header that morning and tried their best but ended up not winning either game. We went back on Sunday for another game, but unfortunately their hitting just wasn’t there. Logan plays first base and had some outstanding plays, including tagging out a runner trying to steal second! Logan had a huge cheering section with both sets of grandparents, mom/dad/sister, aunts, uncles and cousins.

After the games on Saturday the adults headed to Churchill Downs for the horse races (win some/lose some). The Downs is a very historic place and it was great to be there, but man was it hot! No air conditioning… The boxes are outside and there are six folding chairs to a box. It was a very fun evening, though. We were especially thrilled to find out that American Pharoah was there for an award ceremony. They paraded him in from of the stands and we got good photos.

After another baseball game on Sunday, we took Logan and headed back to our RV. He stayed the night with us and saw firsthand what it’s like for grandma and grandpa to live in an RV.

On Monday, we met up at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory for a tour. Several in the group including Andy and Logan enjoyed the batting cages. After some downtime, everyone met for dinner at Mitchell’s Fish House to celebrate Andy’s 50th birthday! Logan must have liked staying in the RV the night before because he was excited to hear that he was staying the night again. And of course we were happy about that, too.

Tuesday morning Cori, Andy, and Jordan came by and Logan left with with Cori and Andy, leaving Jordan and her gear for a three week trip with us from Louisville to Georgia to South Carolina.

We are staying near Mammouth Cave, but that’s all I’ll say about that for now. The next update will be from Jordan’s perspective… I promised her that she could post the next blog!

We enjoyed spending time with family in Louisville for that long weekend and while there became great-grandparents of twin boys (Kevin and Kason)… Congratulations to Hannah and Lil Kev! Kim, Alan and Ben are due back from Europe on the 22nd, so safe travels to them.

As we travel across this great land, we ask for your continued support and good thoughts while we remember all of you back home. Be kind and love one another.

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4 Replies to “Louisville Family Time”

  1. Congratulations on the new grandkids! Wow, Jordan must be super excited about three weeks with you guys! I’m sure you will treasure every moment. You guys sure have been busy, but just wait, by the time Jordan leaves you will be exhausted…hehe. Usually detours aren’t too bad, since usually you’re not in a big hurry…..but I can see how this time was different. We enjoy taking the roads less traveled. There are some very “interesting” sights to see on the back roads. Are you enjoying those tour books? Safe travels!


    1. Robin, that backroad was very scenic. Having Jordan travel with us has already been an eye opener… She is almost 15… It’s good as long as we don’t let her get bored or tired, lol.


  2. Sounds like Logan is a very good first-baseman. Sorry the lost the games, they look like a great bunch of young men.

    Have fun.


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