Chippokes Plantation and Williamsburg, VA

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We had a nine hour day when we drove from Charleston back through North Carolina and up to Virginia before stopping just across the James River from Williamsburg at Chippokes Plantation State Park.

The park itself is lovely and vast. Our campground site was nice but occupied when we arrived, despite having a reservation for it so we made do on a first-come site.

The next morning we drove over to Norfolk to visit with Ken’s daughter, Alicia and her family. While we were gone the park ranger sorted it out and the other campers moved to where they belonged, and we moved over when we returned to the park that evening.

We had a fun time visiting with Alicia, Alex, and Makayla. They took us to the Surf Rider restaurant at a nearby marina and surprisingly Zachary and his girlfriend Rose were able to join us. Before we left them that afternoon we planned to meet the next day in Williamsburg.

Our drive from the park to Williamsburg involved a 30 minute ferry ride (a first for Kenny) across the James River on a huge and very modern ferry boat.

We met up with everyone at the Visitors’ Center and walked the short distance to Colonial Williamsburg. I think it is a great place to explore and my favorite things are the street demonstrations and the period dress; I think the others liked it too. There was a bit of fun scavenging for passes, starting with one in a tree… Alex changed his name to Sandra for the day and someone else was under 12… Good times!

We had lunch in an upstairs room at one of the taverns and wandered from shop to shop. We took in the courthouse and governor’s mansion and watched a battlefield demonstration. It was a hot afternoon (mid 90’s) and poor Makayla got overheated even though we took a shuttle bus back to the visitors’ center. We had to say goodbye there, so after everyone cooled down there they headed back to Norfolk and us to the park in Surry County (another ferry ride).

I really had fun on this stop of our travel and especially enjoyed the lively presidential debate with Zachary. We should all make sure to talk with the younger generation and get their perspective once in a while… If for no other reason than to have a good laugh, which I think we all did!

While we are sad to end our family visit, we are excited for the next phase of our journey. Today our travels are taking us to northern Virginia so that we can visit Washington, DC. I hope Ken is as excited about it as I am, although I admit that I’m a little nervous, too!

Until next time, think of us as we think of you, and be safe wherever you are.

Surry County Virginia – Hwy 40
Crepe Myrtle trees at Chippokes Plantation
The mansion at Chippokes Plantation
Front porch view
The farm hog found the one shady spot!
Norfolk tunnel
Waiting for the ferry to come in, load us, and take us to Williamsburg.
Ken’s first ferry boat ride
Ferry boat
View of Jamestown Settlement from the James River (on the ferry)
View of our car from the upper deck
Colonial Williamsburg with Alicia, Zachary, Alex, Makayla, and Rose
Governor’s Mansion, Colonial Williamsburg
Lunch at a tavern
Smart GPS
Here’s our ride!

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2 Replies to “Chippokes Plantation and Williamsburg, VA”

  1. Glad you are enjoying the blog and it was a nice remembrance for you. Ken says to tell you the highway system probably hasn’t changed since you were there!


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