Day #1 – Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

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At Marinoff Compound, we swept and raked and cleaned outside. We set up the RV on the pad and hooked up utilities. Then we went indoors and wiped down all of the surfaces, swept, mopped, re-organized storage areas, and made everything very nice inside.

This afternoon, we stopped in for a brief visit at Santa Ana NWR, followed by some light shopping at Walmart (needed a bird feeder and seed). Dinner included a nice bottle of white wine (we deserved it), and now we are relaxing and outside watching TV.

Our location is inside Marinoff, which is a gated RV community owned by the NWR. The Border Patrol has a facility next to ours, separated only by a fence with barbed wire. We routinely see state troopers and border patrols next door and on US Military Highway 281, which intersects to the gravel road that leads to our camp area.

On the whole, Marinoff is a bit rough around the edges and needs some TLC. We made a little dent just today. Tomorrow we get our volunteer schedules and continue to sweep up around the grounds here. We also bought a couple of clotheslines today, so we will string those on the existing posts tomorrow. We are very curious and so the next few days will also include checking out the Rio Grande.

For now, we are excited to be here and take it all in. Wherever you are, count your blessings and think of us, as we are thinking of you.

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2 Replies to “Day #1 – Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge”

  1. Hi Dorothy and Ken
    Mom and Bobbie here. We love your blog and pics. Sounds like the two of you are surely enjoying LIFE! YAY FOR YOU GUYS! love getting the emails and able to keep up with your travels. Love you always


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