Because of the ongoing road construction, we changed our route for today’s walk and quickly decided that we liked this route and would do it again.

As we were on the return leg, about a half mile from finishing, my ever-vigilant husband tells me that he saw someone wearing dark clothing run across the road in front of us and head for the tree line. Then we see him swimming in the irrigation canal and he begins waving to us.

I called Border Patrol (BP) and gave them the details; it took about eight minutes for them to get to us; so as we waited, we went back the way we came from to avoid getting any closer to the swimmer, who eventually got out of the water and began walking toward us and motioning for us to help him.

A helicopter flew overhead and then BP arrived in a couple of vehicles. By the time they caught up with him, the guy was approaching some field workers. BP came back to us and said the guy had gotten separated from part of a drug group they had been watching.

It was alarming to come upon him, and if he were just an illegal, I would be a bit more compassionate, but not feeling too sad considering he was running drugs. Glad we are safe and he is out of the water.

6 Replies to “Illegal/Drug Runner Sighting”

  1. Holy Drug runner Batman!!! You know, when I first read this I thought to myself that I was afraid something like this might happen. Then I started thinking about it and realized that the drug runner would be sorry if he had to deal with you Dorothy. You’d put him in his place for sure. I’m just so glad that all is well. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Do they have turkeys in your part of the world? haha.
    Take care…..R&J

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    1. Robin, you are so funny! Actually, I was very nervous and too anxious. The only thing I did well was think to call Border Patrol. I think it was too real all of a sudden, you hear the stories, but then it happens to you and you’re just not prepared for the reality. Anyway, we got through it.
      Turkeys here? I saw them in the grocery store, but they were probably shipped in from Missouri, lol. We had a frozen turkey dinner and pumpkin pie flavored yogurt for dessert, so it wasn’t our finest Thanksgiving ever. We did enjoy a few FaceTime calls with the kids. I hope you and Jerry enjoyed good food and family time. Thanks for always thinking of us! Love ya!


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