The start of December brought in some rainy days and cooler temperatures that kept us from walking and bicycling, but it looks like now we are back to sunshine and blue skies! In fact, next week’s forecast looks promising for 70’s and 80’s.

This afternoon at the Refuge I had some spare time so I went for a walk around the pond. This is the only area of the Refuge that has a paved trail. As I walked along the path, I discovered a good variety of plants, trees, and flowering bushes, and butterflies.

I enjoyed watching the butterflies as they flocked a purple flowering bush and fluttered about. Just before I reached the pond the mosquitos found me. It turns out that the pond has a swampy quality to it which, of course,  promotes mosquitos.

I continued along the quiet, meandering path where I saw turkscap (red flowered plant that the Texas Tortoise likes to eat), cactus and some brush holly, as well as some ash and mesquite trees. I also found an interesting bird’s nest in a tree.

It was a short walk, but the weather was warm and the outdoors had been calling to me all day, so I am really glad that I finally made it out to the pond, mosquitos and all.

Because the weather here is warm, it’s hard to realize that this is December. What we do realize is that the month is going to fly by and Christmas will be here before we know it, so Ken and I want to take a moment and wish you happiness, good health, and a peaceful holiday season!

2 Replies to “December at the Refuge (The Pond)”

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like you had nice walk….and some very lovely pictures. The butterflies are beautiful. I’m glad the weather is looking better for you guys. We had a beautiful day here also….after a fashion….started out cold and foggy but ended up around 50 and sunny….very nice…my kind of day. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday also, stay safe and enjoy! Take care.

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