This was our second Easter away from home and family. We spent the day performing our volunteer duties operating the tram and we had visitors for each of the three tours, although all were very small groups today.

Beginning with the pre-tram check in the van, we saw quite a lot of wildlife today, including cottontail rabbits, a King Toad, a couple dozen Hawks, a bobcat, a group of Javelina, and then there were horses on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande who came down and drank from the river.

All-in-all it was a pretty good day, but we sure miss family and spending the holiday in a home environment.

A few volunteer couples have already finished for the season and left, and two more couples are leaving in the morning, so we are meeting for dinner in a few minutes at Luby’s. By the first of April, it will only be the two of us and one other volunteer couple until April 30th. We hope April won’t get too hot since our day is spent outside, but we are excited for just a short time left until we move on for more fun and adventure!

Hoping you all are enjoying Easter and family today,

Dorothy & Ken


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