After last night’s dinner (fried chicken and lemon pie for me 😳) at Luby’s, I felt a five mile walk/hike was in order today.

Ken didn’t want to walk five miles, so I compromised and we walked four miles, including climbing the 25 ft. tower to the suspension bridge and then going up to the top of the 45 ft. observation tower.

From the trailhead, we walked all around Pintail Lakes and then we took the lovely and shaded Pintail South trail, too. After a while the trail eventually runs alongside of the Rio Grande River and we took some great photos there. By the way, doesn’t Kenny’s Tilley hat (early birthday gift) look great on him?

Even though we had already walked around Pintail Lakes, when the South trail led us back to the Lakes, I convinced Kenny to take the trail to the right so I could get some photos of the water, which I hadn’t done the first time around.

While back at Pintail Lakes, the Border Patrol helicopter came up from the River and continued circling. I wondered if we had triggered a ground sensor when we were at the river bank.

Our total walk ended up at four miles, so I’m hoping for a good weigh-in at tomorrow’s Weight Watcher’s meeting. Kenny is doing great at his weight loss – he has lost 35 lbs! I still have a way to go, so I better stop having pie 😉.

Here are today’s photos… Enjoy!

Dorothy & Ken

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