We enjoyed a nice farewell event a few days before leaving Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and our last day conducting nature tours was a good one, although we decided to leave a little earlier than planned due to the threat of severe weather in Katy, TX (near Houston) where we were headed.

Thankfully we arrived at the Camping World in Katy with only a little rain and no flood issues. After staying overnight on their lot, the service department installed a new recliner system for us and we got back on I-10 West.

Last night we stayed at a Walmart in Boerne, TX, which is just west of San Antonio, so we made good distance yesterday.

We’ve been traveling since 7:00 a.m. (9 hours) and Ken is hoping to make Las Cruces, NM by sunset. I applaud him for his stamina and hard work. He drives and I help navigate exits/mile marker stops for specific gas station, rest stops, and Walmart stores.In addition, I crochet, get drinks, gum, and snacks. I also cook and wash dishes, so I hope my contribution balances things out. Although by dinner time last night, Chili’s restaurant was my preference to cooking.

Back to today… Things are moving quickly and changing just a bit. After a phone call from our contact at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we are now going to arrive there four (4) days earlier than scheduled!

For now, we just keep heading West to Mesa, AZ and look forward to a nice visit with Wayne and Dee in Chandler, although it will be a shorter visit than we planned.

Ken and I hope that springtime is being good to all of you and that you haven’t been adversely affected by storms, rain, or flooding.

In closing, following are a few pictures from our last days at SANWR and our current drive.



2 Replies to “Westward Ho!”

  1. Hey…have fun. You learned a lot at Santa Ana and that will serve you well in your future endeavors! See you sometime on the road!
    Catch up with us at:


    1. Thanks Kathleen. I am now following your blog and just like your book, I know we will enjoy reading about your adventures!

      Ken and I sure enjoyed the time we spent with you and Tom at SANWR and we credit you both for showing us the way to Tram Ops.

      Safe travels, and we certainly hope to cross paths with you again.

      All our best to you, Tom and Red,

      Dorothy and Ken


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