So, here we are… at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!  My gosh is it everything we hoped for… and more!  The views are amazing… It’s the best backyard we have ever had and the National Park Service supervisor (Ranger) we work for is about the happiest person you ever want to meet.

They require very little of us in exchange for our campsite with full hook ups, including propane.  Our main job here is to be friendly and helpful to campers (educate them).  First thing in the morning, Ken goes out to do a check of the campsites to see which are vacant, occupied, or packing and reports that info back to the Ranger (I sleep in while he does this).  Around 11:00 a.m., we go out and clean fire pits on vacant sites.  The afternoon is ours to do what we like and then around 6:15 p.m., we go to the registration kiosk until 8:00 p.m. to check in any late arrivals.

This is our first camp host position and I can tell you that we really hope that it will be this great at Gold Head State Park in Florida when we are there next September.  Wait!  I am forgetting about the know-before-you-go part of this blog entry…

It is true that the Ranger forewarned us that cell phone, wi-fi, and TV service was not a guarantee, but really it is practically non-existent.  As I sit here typing away, I am in a little camping chair sitting in the corner of the General Store using their free wi-fi and hoping that it holds up and doesn’t quit before I finish typing.  No guarantees!

Cell phone service is a real pain… We have to go about a quarter of a mile from our RV and walk or drive out to the edge (rim) of the canyon to get any service at all.  Sometimes, if I am lucky, I’m able to make a call from a few hundred feet of the RV, but I have to stand in the middle of the road and the conversation is “guaranteed” to include the words, “can you hear me now?”!

And, then there is TV, or rather, the lack of it.  We bought a satellite thingy when we were in Texas just so that we would have TV here.  Nope.  Not going to happen.  According to Ken, we need a clear view of the southern sky and the Ponderosa Pines here are abundant and blocking all hopes of that happening.  We moved it here and there and everywhere, but it just kept whirling and twirling and finally we felt sorry for the machine and put it away.  No TV.  We had a few DVDs already, so we have re-watched them and bought more on a subsequent trip to Walmart in Hurricane, Utah, which is a three hour drive one-way.

I don’t mean to sound bitter about any of this… in fact, I’m not.  It really is a blessing… Not having the TV on is quiet and peaceful. Ken and I actually find ourselves talking without interruption, which leads to fewer miscommunications.  Instead of TV, we play cards and read the USA Today.

We know that the paper arrives at the General Store by 3:30 each day, Monday through Friday, and we know that because Ken has it clocked.  Not only will he be standing here waiting for it, but the store employees know that he is so desperate for news, that they actually will hold a copy for him!

Back to the services… I know you’re thinking, “Hah! She is always posting on Facebook, so how bad can it be?”  Well, you know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures!  This chair is so uncomfortable and some days, I can’t even get to the chair for all the others who are starved for communication with the outside world!

This corner of the store is sometimes so seriously overpopulated (standing room only) that the store clerks can’t even get to their office without tripping and climbing over bodies sitting on the floor.  I try to make myself as small or invisible as possible and tuck myself as far into the corner as possible so as to stay out of the way and allow people room to shop and work, but some days I can almost feel the ire of the staff.  I promise to take a photo and include it so that you can see just how ridiculous we junkies truly are.

While I realize that we should be out there enjoying the beauty and solitude this place offers, we still need to check email, pay bills, look at Facebook and update the blog every now and again.  In fact, I actually hand wrote my blog entry in hopes of typing it quickly… Adding the photos will be another challenge.

Back to the reason we are here at the North Rim.  Our experience here has been wonderful.  The campsite we are on is awesome and puts us at the entrance to the campground with quick access to everything.  We share camp host duties with another couple whose RV is on site #2 (we are on site #1) and sits just behind ours as the sites are really one paved loop.  The schedule allows us plenty of time to explore and get down to Hurricane or over to Kanab, Utah for supplies.

As for exploring, we have hiked several trails already.  Some we love and have/will repeat, and others we won’t do again.  A typical hike for us is 4.5-5.5 miles roundtrip and we are making good use of the hydration packs we purchased (Ken thought we would buy them and store them without using them, but we love them and use them all the time!  Anyway, there are so many great trails here.  My favorite is Cape Final, and Transept is cool, too.  I really dislike the North Kaibab trail because of all the mule droppings and Point Imperial Trail was gnarly with lots of thorn bushes and huge fallen trees to climb over.  We have taken many pictures during our hikes and I will attach plenty of them so you can see for yourself the natural beauty of the North Rim.

I have far outlasted the typical wi-fi signal while typing this and I’m sure the staff are thinking they are going to have to boot me out of here so others can have the chair for a while, so I will close for now and come back tomorrow to add photos and post this entry.

One last thought… we hope all the fathers out there had an awesome day (yesterday).  Ken and I would be so proud if our dad’s were still with us so that we could share with them all that our RV journey has given us… We know they would love to hear all about it!

Dorothy & Ken


7 Replies to “Know Before You Go!”

  1. Wow! Awesome photos, thanks so much for sharing them and your stories with us. You may have to revert back to snail mail, but then again, the mailman might not even come that way. It’s a good thing you can at least get online a bit. I know how much we depend on email and how easily we can chit chat.

    So glad you’re having a great time especially without TV and that you and Kenny are not having any miscommunications…too funny! It can be difficult to understand each other….I swear Jerry mumbles and he swears I’m deaf….(not true, I hear just fine). Way to go on those hikes. I would imagine it’s pretty darn hot out on them long dusty trails, so you two take it easy, you’re no spring chickens…..

    Take care and keep on enjoying yourselves.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin, I swear we are sister couples. The mumbling and hearing loss are our issues too! I love that you follow the blog and have such fun comments for us 🙂


  2. wonderful info I’ve been out there once and am reliving it again thanks to you two. Please keep the reports coming and have a great time.Larry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Larry, so glad you are following along! This is such a beautiful place and we are happy to share for those reliving memories and others who hope to get here someday.


  3. Hi Dorothy
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like so much fun and solitude! I was thinking about you yesterday and telling Butch about the Paper Route you and I had long ago. Recalling that the crap hit the fan, so to speak when we had a nickel to split between the two of us. Ha Ha…I recall, and not saying I am recalling correctly, you and I were pretty angry. When the Press Record fellow came the following week to collect his money and drop off the Newspapers for us to deliver, you politely let him have it! What is your recollection of the Newspaper Route? LOL
    I love you and sure do miss you. I am happy for you and Ken being able to travel and see so much of our Country and the Beauty God Created.
    Stay Safe…………….and may God continue His blessings upon you both.

    Love you Always
    your sis


      1. It sure was! We sure had fun back in the day. The easy days back then, no worries. Just fun. Girl we are getting grown now. LOL…
        I know you and Ken are enjoying your travels I see it in your pics and read it in your blogs.
        You and Ken are surely blessed.
        I love ya sis more than you know.
        Stay cool and enjoy the great outdoors! Hike a few for me, okay.

        Love and miss you guys

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