Since arriving at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on May 12th, there have been very few, if any, days that haven’t been absolutely beautiful.  On a daily basis, it’s either Ken or I who say aloud, “Wow, it’s a beautiful day.”  And, I’m sure that the pictures we’ve been taking confirms the beauty we are experiencing here. (Note: My hope was to include the great photos we have taken… But, I have tried for three days to load them with little success, whether I use cell service or wifi.  At this point I’m going to go with the few that are attached and post now.)

We have taken many hikes so far and have a few more lined up before our stay here comes to an end on July 30th.  On more than one occasion, we have hiked Point Imperial Trail (5+ miles), Cape Final (4+ miles), Transept Trail (1.9 miles), and Bridle Path Trail (1.2 miles).  We have also hiked to Bright Angel Point and yesterday we hiked 7 miles (5 miles on Ken Patrick Trail and 2 miles of Point Imperial.  We have also hiked the North Kaibab Trail to Coconino Overlook and back to the trailhead.

Our grandson, Logan is going to be joining us here on July 23 and we have several hikes planned for his visit.  We will hike Widforss Trail (9 miles roundtrip), Cape Final, Transept, Bright Angel, and Bridle Path.  We also have a three hour mule trip scheduled, which will take us on North Kaibab down to Supai Tunnel.  Additionally, we are going to drive over to Zion National Park for a five mile hike in the Virgin River to The Narrows.  After all that, we have a few surprise stops planned along the route back to St. Louis.

Speaking of St. Louis, we are scheduled to finally arrive back home on August 7th.  Our visit there will be a short one because we have to be in Florida by September 1st, but I don’t want to make this post about that visit, so I will save that for another day.

Camp hosting here at the North Rim has been more than a joy and we are so excited to announce that we have been invited back for the second season next year.  We were also invited to partner with another couple of our choosing and now we are looking forward to spending August, September, and half of October 2017 at the North Rim with Tom and Kathleen Anderson, who we met at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge!

As I said earlier in this post, the beauty of this place surrounds us every day, but we are also having fun meeting people from around the globe.  Lots of people come here in rental RVs!  We share travel tales with anyone who will listen and enjoy meeting people who are traveling here from Italy, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, and from the US (i.e., Utah, Florida, California, and Missouri).  We really enjoy meeting folks from home (South St. Louis, Ballwin, St. Charles)!

One day when we were off duty a big rental RV came in and parked in the parking lot.  They didn’t have a reservation (campground is full by reservation for the season).  We saw the RV in the parking lot overnight with it’s leveling jacks down and wondered why they were allowed to stay there overnight.  In the morning we found out that the jacks were stuck down and they were waiting on roadside assistance.  Well, since their RV was very similar to ours, Ken went over to investigate and see if he could help.  Turns out that only one of the family members could speak English as they were all from Italy.  So, he spoke with the woman who translated to/from her husband.  Ken helped them discover that a circuit breaker was tripped and once that was corrected, the generator started and they were able to get the jacks up.  Problem solved and they were able to get on their way, although Kenny advised them that they needed to make reservations ahead, which they had not.  Kenny to the rescue!  Things like this are what make this volunteer job so rewarding.

We were off work on Father’s Day, so we spontaneously decided to go visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  The day trip turned into an overnight stay in the Lodge at Bryce and we really enjoyed the sightseeing adventure.

We have settled in nicely here and have enjoyed nearly two months of camp hosting without TV.  We have learned to hike on rugged and long trails, and are enjoying all that the North Rim has to offer, which by the way, is much more laid back and has fewer visitors than the South Rim!

We are glad that so many are following our travels and we love sharing all this with you.

Until the next update, we hope your summer has been as cool and breezy as ours has been at the North Rim!

Dorothy & Ken

North Rim:







7 Replies to “Beautiful Day!”

  1. Hope to see you at couples league one evening!!! Thanks for posting pictures, we want to go to Zion and Bryce.


  2. Dorothy…Ken….is that you? You’ve gotten so skinny I can’t tell if it’s you two or not. Well, I’ll just assume it is since this is your blog…haha. Anyway…way to go…you have just made us both super envious. Still, we are glad you’re having such a wonderful time. Wow, you kids are just hiking up a storm. So proud of you I am 🙂 keep it up. Ten miles, holy hiker babe, no wonder you’re skinny. Btw, LOVE the hiking attire! We’ve been walking around our town trying to get ready for our big trip where we’ll be doing lots of hiking also. Unfortunately we don’t have any hills here. We’ll be heading to Banff/Jasper/Glacier…whew…I’m tired just thinking about it. Well, take care and keep up the hiking. Miss you.


  3. It looks absolutely stunning and so much FUN together! A true blessing for you and Ken to experience so much of God’s beautiful handiwork up close and in person. 🙂 Enjoy! *hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

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