We arrived home a little more than a week ago and it’s been a whirlwind of events since then. We’ve attended a football jamboree (Alan’s senior year), watched as Logan umpired a baseball game, have enjoyed spending some time with Jordan, attended Aria’s 1st birthday party, have been to the eye doctor, primary care physician, the dentist, had dinner with Lisa and Jim, lunch with Russ and Dena, spent an overnight visit with Alan, and a fun afternoon/evening with Kim, we have eaten many delicious family meals and lounged around with Cori, Andy, and the kids, spent a quick afternoon with Alena, Alicia, Zachary, Makayla, Ashlee, Stephanie, Alanis, Big Kev, Lil Kev, Hannah, Jacob, Heather, Collin, Mason, Ellie, and the babies. .. I told you it’s been a whirlwind!

We only have this week and next here at home and then we begin another adventure. Heading next to Florida for Sarah and Caleb’s wedding at Amelia Island. Can’t wait to see Mark and Laurie again! But, we have much to do before then. The RV needs to be reorganized and repacked, and it would be great to take more clothes and stuff from Cori’s basement over to Goodwill. So, there is much left to do in a short time.

Hope you all stay tuned for the next road trip’s adventures… By the way, we are hoping for confirmation soon of a new volunteer assignment at Death Valley from mid-October 2017 through January 2018!

For now, it’s great to spend this time at home… All the best to you and yours,

Dorothy & Ken

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