August 27, 2016

My apologies to our Facebook friends who have already read about today’s departure, but we also need to update our blog followers…

Here we go again… Heading to St. Augustine, FL and various other places along the way and after, so stay tuned.

We have been on the road for four and a half hours, stopped for gas once and later for a quick lunch. I’ve resumed work on my tribute afghan (that’s what I’m calling it… In honor of the three amigos – you know who you are).

Ken, my most excellent RV driver, has been letting cruise control take us smoothly down the interstate… This is a new experience for him. Now that we are using synthetic oil, the Ford V10 engine is no longer “the screamer” and so cruise control actually sounds normal and this makes the driving much easier on him.

We are very thankful for all our blessings and really appreciate getting to spend a few weeks at home with family and loved ones; although, it was even more special since we celebrated our grandson Alan’s 18th birthday while we were home. For this reason and more, we are already missing all our loved ones 😢

Our best wishes to all of you,

Dorothy & Kenneth

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