Today (8/29/16) we arrived back in Saint Augustine, Florida. You may recall that we spent three weeks here in May, 2015. We were greeted by a little rain shower today, but nonetheless, we are glad to be back.

Our stay here will be brief and for the purpose of RV maintenance before we go over and settle in as volunteers for Gold Head State Park near Gainesville.

Before our volunteer duties begin, we will be attending Sarah Stafford’s wedding on Amelia Island over Labor Day weekend. We are so excited about this event and are very much looking forward to spending time with our good friends while celebrating Sarah and Caleb’s marriage!

Saint Augustine, Amelia Island, and Gold Head are just the beginning of another great season in Florida. We have much more planned so look for another post soon.

It’s wonderful to have so many followers watching our travels… Thank you!

Dorothy & Ken

4 Replies to “Saint Augustine, Florida”

  1. Hi Dorothy! Was wondering when you will be at Gold Head Park? We are heading to Port St. Lucie FL. around Oct 8th for a month or so, maybe we could catch up with you somewhere along our route. we plan to leave our coach on our pad in Port St. Lucie and drive our car home for the holidays. Then back down after Christmas for another 3 months. Hope we can look you up!



    1. Hi Chris, we will be at Gold Head from 9/5 until 11/18. From 11/18 until 12/26 we will be at Ormond Beach. We would love to see you when you’re in Florida. Let us know what works best for you. Our volunteer duties at Gold Head are during the week, so the weekend work best.


    1. Glad WI was a good experience! I’m sure it was a great place to spend the summer. CO and NM will be good, too. Here, we have tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding threatening our good time! Oh, and our windshield wiper motor is trying to go out on us! Thankful for high speed since that’s all we have right now. Camping World will have to order a motor, which will take 7-10 business days 😳 Otherwise, it’s all good here, lol.


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