Today’s Visit & Step Back in Time @ Dudley Farm Historic State Park

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Today, acting on a tip from a seasonal worker named Bill here at Gold Head State Park, we drove an hour west through Gainesville to Newberry, FL and visited Dudley Farm Historic State Park.

The farm, consisting of about 640 acres, originated in the 1850’s and sustained three generations of family through the mid 1940’s. In addition to touring the farmhouse and separate kitchen, we saw the pump house, out house (3 seater), a dairy shed, tobacco barn, drinking well, and my favorite is a toss up between the general store and the canning house.

I really enjoyed looking at all the details in the general store and spent a good deal of time photographing it. Kenny and I agreed that it would have been a great place for our dads to see.

I liked the canning house because I spotted a rather large rodent (let’s call it a mouse) in the corner where the top shelves came together (see if you can spot him in the photos)!

I met and talked with a regular visitor of the park whose name is Gina and she warned me that the turkeys will chase you, but we had already enjoyed looking at them through the pen that held them, so no worries. I thought they were fascinating to see up close and loved the colors. We have plenty of turkeys at Gold Head, but I haven’t been able to get close enough for great photos. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Dudley Farm turkeys; I think they are beautiful creatures.

I was happy for the opportunity to walk through the main area of the farm house and took a couple of pictures of us in an old mirror in the hallway, which I really love. And the separate kitchen has a magnificent stove in it, which must be worth a fortune.

The flower gardens were light on flowers since it’s nearly November, but I found a couple of bunches of hydrangeas worth snapping a photo of, as well as a few other beauties.

Overall, it was time well spent and I’m so happy we went over there this afternoon. The weather was awesome… blue/sunny sky and mid-70’s. Just perfect.

Hoping to make it to the Gainesville Botanical Garden in the next week or two, so stay tuned!

Happy Fall,

Dorothy & Ken

Three-seater 😳

Loved spotting this big grasshopper 🙂

Critter in the corner!
Check out the critter in the corner!

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