We have been enjoying a very thorough introduction to Okefenokee. Yesterday we we went out to the Chesser Island Homestead and took a walk on the Boardwalk out to and up the observation tower for a great view of a couple of lakes.

I’m sure we will go out on the Boardwalk again because it’s a great way to see wildlife like the raccoon that we saw. I hoped to get a photo, but he slipped away deeper into the swamp before I had a chance.

This morning we took a drive with fellow volunteers Betty and Lynn. We traveled about 20 miles toward Waycross and arrived at another part of Okefenokee, which is called Kingfisher Landing. It’s simply an area for boat launching, but it is equipped with a one-seater. We went out there to pick up litter, replenish brochures and supply toilet paper. It was also a good photo opportunity.

Early observations are that the rangers and volunteers are very welcoming and informative. Also noticeable is how peaceful and quiet this place is and Awe love that aspect of this place.

We have vowed to explore the trails, and see all that we can over the next five months. Also on the to-do list is to see many of the surrounding areas as far north as Savannah.

In closing, we wish each of you a Happy New Year and many blessings!

Dorothy & Ken

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