Wow, I’ve been woefully remiss in blog posts. I just realized that my last update was the end of April before we were evacuated from the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge because of the West Mims Wildfire.

The evacuation caused us to change our plans of flying home to St. Louis for our grandson’s high school graduation. We said goodbye to the new, but dear friends we made there, cancelled flights, packed up the coach, and drove home by way of New Orleans (NOLA).

NOLA was a first for us in so many ways. We stayed at a pricey RV resort alongside I-10 and walked to the French Quarter for dinner the first afternoon/evening. The next day we walked back to the Quarter and tried to experience everything from traversing Bourbon Street (yuk!) to coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. We enjoyed a muffuletta at Central Grocery and shopped Royal Street and browsed through the French Market. As our visit was wrapping up, I convinced Ken that we really needed to go back to Cafe Du Monde… easily, my favorite stop, right up there with the Central Grocery. We made a few drink stops that day, beginning with a delicious Bloody Mary and fried shrimp for a mid-morning snack. If you’re asking whether we will we go back to NOLA, the answer is, probably not. Maybe, if we were younger and liked to party more, I might respond differently but, the streets were stinky and we were advised to not walk after dark, which we took seriously. Are we glad we went? Of course! It was a great experience and we did have fun 😀

At the time we left Georgia we were hearing about all of the rain they were getting at home and that rain caught up with us as we began our drive from New Orleans and it rained all the way home. Fortunately, the RV Park was not flooded and the rain and flooding finally stopped.

We were home for Alan’s senior pictures and high school graduation, both of which were so special to us. Unfortunately, Logan’s and Jordan’s confirmation was the same evening as graduation, so we missed that. Alan’s graduation party was a good opportunity to visit with some family and we had a beautiful day for it. I think Kim was caught by surprise when the time came to say goodbye until late next year. 😢

And we are so happy that we were able to visit with Alena’s family a couple of times during this short visit at home.

Next up for us both were all the doctor and dentist visits that we had planned. Some good, some not so good with a few unwelcome surprises mixed in, but we took care of everything before departing this morning for our next adventure.

I was able to mix in a happy hour with the girls I worked with at Anheuser-Busch and a lunch with the girls from Jefferson College, but there just wasn’t enough time to see everyone on our wish list.

Yes, you read that right… We left Missouri this morning and we’re heading for the northwest. There are three of us on this trip, as our grandson, Logan is with us until August 5th.

Our destinations include the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone NP, Grand Tetons, Glacier NP, Canada, Zion NP, and Grand Canyon NP. We will report to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for our next volunteer assignment on the first of August and then Logan will fly home from Flagstaff.

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing Tom and Kathleen Anderson again when we get to the North Rim. We met them when we volunteered at Santa Ana NWR in South Texas and we’re so happy they agreed to partner with us at Grand Canyon NP!

I think I have covered everything from leaving Okefenokee NWR to our morning departure from Missouri today. I do apologize to our followers for the time between posts, making the reason for the title of this post… “Bridging the Gap.”

As is customary when we have traveling visitors, Logan will be blogging our northwest adventures for your reading pleasure, so stay tuned for his perspective and hopefully, some amazing pictures!

To all of you reading about and following our journey, we are so thankful for each of you.

Dorothy, Ken & Logan

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