Fun Times in the Grand Tetons!

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Day 13 was July 11, 2017. That day we left West Yellowstone and headed towards Jackson, WY. Some call this city Jackson Hole, but the word “hole” refers to a certain area in Jackson where a big field is being surrounded by mountains. Interesting right? Anyway, on our way to Jackson, the GPS wanted us to go through a pass that had a 5 mile long 10% grade up and down hill. Grandpa did not want to go down that, so we went around and did a 50 mile detour. It was ok considering the detour was the scenic byway. We arrived in Jackson, got set up, found our whitewater rafting place, and went grocery shopping. Grandma likes Albertsons.

Day 14 – This day we went whitewater rafting. We arrived at the place and we got on the bus. They bussed us to the slip, and we got assigned life jackets, wind-breakers, and groups. Rafting was great due to the knowledgeable guide. He made sure everything was in order and got us to the end without anyone falling out or worse, flipping the boat. Towards the end Grandma and I asked Grandpa if he had a good time; he was really hesitant about this endeavor. He said that he really enjoyed it and would certainly do it again. After that, we went on a guided wildlife tour in a lifted van. It was ok, but we really did not see much wildlife. Grandpa said we could have done it in the car and saved the money. I agreed. However, dinner was included for the price. We ate at a restaurant in Teton National Park. It was very nice and not a cheap meal. We made our way back to the RV and went to sleep. 

Day 15 – We really did not have anything planned for this day. We drove over to the fish hatchery in the National Elk Refuge. It was interesting seeing all the Cutthroat Trout. After that we walked around the busy and crowded downtown area of Jackson. Everything was literally $5-$50 higher than anywhere else. Although we came back empty handed, it was fun to see the culture and interact with the community. 

Day 16 – We woke up and went on a gondola up to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort summit to Rendezvous Mountain at 10,450 feet and then hiked over 4 miles downhill (with a good uphill stretch at the end). Now, before you say downhill is easy, you probably haven’t hiked this mountain before. Think rocky and silty dirt. When we weren’t slipping on loose rocks, we were almost being taken out by slippery dirt, but even though I was in the best shape of us all a 4-mile hike at that elevation was ok, but not totally easy for me. I was leading the pack, and I had to show a lot of patience with the old people. I wanted to finish the last three miles of the trail, but Grandma and Grandpa were both pretty tired so we took the gondola to the bottom. Along the trail we met many diverse people throughout our hike. There was one couple where the wife was from Thailand and the husband was from England. We also met some people from Australia. Crazy right?! We took the most scary mini gondola I have ever ridden. I, successfully, survived 23 support towers (at every tower, the gondola started to sway. We came back exhausted. 

You will have to stay tuned for our next adventure. I have a small hint for you; we are heading north…

Thanks for following our adventures and I hope you enjoy all the pictures we took.

Logan Chazen

Huckleberry bush

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