Day 22 – July 20, 2017

We made it to West Glacier with minimal effort. We are staying at the West Glacier KOA for the duration of this part of the trip.

Day 23 – We drove the half of the Going to The Sun Road we had yet to drive on. It was ok, but the other side (East) was much more scenic. After that, we walked around Apgar Village which is a small place with stores next to Lake McDonald. We walked around the shops and went down to the lake. Grandma soon decided she wanted to kayak. I told her we would have to do it another day due to the time. She agreed. We finished up around the village and headed back.

Day 24 – We got up and got ready to hike. We drove to the Avalanche Lake Trailhead, a place inside Glacier National Park, and found a place to park. We found the trailhead and we started the 2.4 mile (one way) hike. The Avalanche Lake trail led to a lake with green water, amazing views of mountains, and waterfalls. Going to the lake was somewhat tough. It was all up hill and crowded. However, what goes up, must come down. Our trip back was a breeze. We hiked about 6.5 miles round trip which is not to shabby. Grandma and Grandpa relaxed their aching muscles while I did another 10 miler. Just kidding. I was pooped.

Day 25 – A few days ago, Grandma wanted to kayak. I agreed and today was the day she wanted to actually step out of her comfort zone and do it. Apparently, she has never kayaked before. Lucky for her, Lake McDonald was an awesome lake for her to do this on due to the calm waters. We rented the kayaks and brought them down to the water. She was pretty scared at the beginning, but she made great progress. We were out on the water for about an hour and a half, and the winds started to pick up. On top of that, I was getting hot and thirsty, so we decided to head in. Heading out of the park, there were some stores and gift shops I wanted to go in, so we did that. Of course, they were filled with overpriced useless goods. We walked across the street to a gas station and saw they had a giant chair. Grandma told me I was in time out, and that I had to sit in the chair. We came back to the campground and made a fire. Grandpa ended up grilling BBQ chicken over the fire. It was very good.

Day 26 – We got up and headed out to get to the Johns Lake Loop trailhead. We found a parking spot fairly easily. I approached the trailhead and quickly found out that this trail was also shared by horses. The trail was lined with horse poop. It was manageable for Grandpa and I, but Grandma was less than impressed. After carefully maneuvering around the poop, we arrived at a tunnel which led to McDonald Creek. The views consisted of cascades, small waterfalls, and multicolored rocks. Although this trail was only 2.5 miles, it still was a fun trail that had its ups and downs. Literally.

Day 27 – Today is moving day. We have 3 long days in front of us all consisting of staying at Walmart or a rest stop. We are heading due south. Any guesses? Stay tuned.


2 Replies to “Goodbye West Glacier!”

  1. Where? We are at Fremont Indian Park tonight, then St George, three nights, on to Sand Hollow St Park in Hurricane for two. Hopping to rent ATVs to ride in the park. Up for that, Logan? Dorothy and Ken? Ha… we’ll see if I really do it!

    See you all soon. If you’re in a Walmart parking lot in those places give us a call!


    1. We will be near Butte tonight, not sure about tomorrow night. Decided it will be too hot for the Walmart parking lot, so we will be at Zion River Resort on the 27th. Zion Canyon Campground from 7/28 until the 1st. Logan loves his ATV, so I’m sure he would ride with you, lol. Getting excited about meeting up with you guys!!


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