From The Rockies to The Canyon at Zion

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Day 28 – July 25, 2017

We left left West Glacier and started to drive south. We were supposed to stop in Butte, but Grandpa, being the great driver he is, made it all the way to Idaho Falls. We stayed at a Walmart there. It was not the best accommodations considering there was a big rig running all night, but we lived to see another day.

Day 28 – We got up early and got started on our trek. We ended up making it all the way to Hurricane, Utah which totaled to be a 515 mile drive that day. Wow! Grandma did her booking thing and got us a spot in Sand Hollow State Park. It was pretty nice considering we had a great view outside our window. It was hot though… very hot.

Day 29 – Grandpa and I got out and went to Walmart. We got some food and other stuff, and headed back to the RV. Grandma and Grandpa were especially excited today because their friends and soon to be camp host partners, Tom and Kathleen, came over for a visit. They came over and everyone had a great time. I enjoyed having someone else other than the “old people” to talk to.

Day 30 – We got up and packed up. We were on our way to Zion National Park for the second time. You might remember that we were at Zion last year. Grandma wanted to get some food from Walmart and get some other stuff, so she took the car. Grandpa and I, meanwhile, moved the RV over to Zion Canyon Campground outside the park. It was a short 30 minute drive. The park was nice and had a lot of amenities. After Grandpa and I arrived, we went to get our rental gear for hiking The Narrows the next day.

Day 31 – Wow, a month into this road trip! Anyway, Grandpa and I got up around 5 am and got ready to go hike The Narrows for the second time. Their are two reasons we wanted to get out so early. One, less people. Two, the possibility of flash flooding increases in the afternoon. Talking to the outfitters who rented our stuff to us, they were warning us that flash floods can happen anytime and they are frequent. They told us they had one earlier in the week! After we assumed the risks, we took the shuttle up to the trail head. We first had to take the Riverside trail that was a mile long and was paved. That brought us to the entrance of the Virgin River where the actual “narrows” started. Hiking it for a second time seemed like it was a lot shorter. The water was deeper than I remember, but the highest it got on me was waist high. The water was murky due to the resent flash flooding, so we could not see where we were stepping which added to the fun. I only almost fell once. Grandpa’s Fitbit said we went 8.5 miles. That was a long way. Grandpa kept a good pace. I thought he did great on that hike. We headed back and took naps.

Day 32 – Grandpa and I had some aches and felt tired from the day before, so all of us went gift shopping. We went to the visitors center and went to some gift shops on the streets. I only bought some stuff… We reminisced from last year by having a cold drink at a restaurant we ate at last year. They have not changed a bit. We rested a bit and went out to dinner. We ate at the Spotted Dog Cafe. They had good food and a nice atmosphere. We came back to the RV and started to get packed up to leave the next morning.

Day 33 – Today is moving day again. We left around 8 am and we are, once again, heading south. Any guesses on where we are going? You will probably know from Grandma’s post on Facebook. This is going to be interesting to say the least…. Stay tuned!


2 Replies to “From The Rockies to The Canyon at Zion”

  1. Logan, I have to ask you to rank your favorite National Parks. My favorite was Zion up till last year when we experienced Glacier for an extended period, so Glacier is my #1 National Park, with Zion being second and Tetons being a very close third. You are so fortunate to experience these Parks and all of the other Parks you have been to on this trip and with two of the best people you could ever find!! Jerry


    1. Jerry, it’s kind of hard for me to rank the National Parks, but if I had to choose, I would say #1 is the North Rim because there are so few people here. I liked Yellowstone and Glacier, in a close 2nd and 3rd, but too many people! Same for the South Rim – way too many people.

      I have had a great trip with grandma and grandpa this summer!

      Hope you guys make it up here and enjoy it as much as I have.


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