Day 34 – July 31, 2017

The drive from Zion National Park to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. The North Rim is my favorite National Park due to its serenity and lack of people. We got to the campground and met the previous campground hosts and met back up with Tom and Kathleen since they were going to camp host along with Grandma and Grandpa.

Day 35 – We got up early and got set up on site #1, one of the camp host sites. We leveled and then I began to help Tom and Kathleen level their rig. That was a major pain in the butt. That pavement was not level at all! Finally, after many failed attempts and some redneck jerry-rigging, we got it level. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, fixing various things, and setting up for a long stay. While Grandma was doing some laundry, she wanted me to help detail her car. Tom gave her some Wash Wax which is a waterless car wash. I cleaned the exterior of the car and Grandma took the vacuum to the inside. I sprayed the all-weather mats down with the hose because they were very dirty.

Day 36 – This day Grandma and Grandpa were on duty (Lol duty). As a result, Grandpa and I went out and did our rounds while Grandma was still asleep. I liked doing rounds because it gave me a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world; one group was from France, the next was from Canada, and a site a little ways away had some people of Asian decent. We made our rounds periodically throughout the day. I am thinking camp hosting at the North Rim would be something I would like to do later in life. I would go either to our “cell phone tree” or to the Rim to get phone service for various things also periodically throughout the day.

Day 36 – This day was my last full day at the North Rim. We were going to take a drive to Point Sublime, but that did not end up working out. Instead we had a lazy day for relaxing and enjoying the views while also enjoying cell service. I checked into my flight. This was the sad part of the day. I somehow repacked all my stuff and some gifts into my two bags. I was quite impressed with myself actually. Lol. I spent most of this day trying to make the most of the park. I really didn’t want to leave. Grandma and Grandpa packed a bag for the hotel we were going to stay at the next day in Flagstaff. The next day we were Flagstaff bound.

Day 37 – We left early to Flagstaff. We made it and headed to Camping World. The “old people” bought some stuff and we headed to Best Buy. Once again, they bought some stuff. We got something to eat and headed to our five star reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was not to shabby considering our room was literally right across the hallway from the ice maker. I was trying to savor the time with my Grandparents the best I could, but it was going too fast.

Day 38 – Today is the day I take off in a jet heading towards STL. Grandma and Grandpa drove me to Flagstaff’s regional airport and escorted me though the process of checking a bag. They bought me a Starbucks drink and we sat for a bit. I was starting to actually realize that my time spent with them was coming to a close. I took off and that was it. My trip was over.

Closing Remarks

Blog – I first wanted to bring up this blog. I live to have a great laugh and I bet you do too; however, I never mean to hurt someone’s feelings or make fun of anyone. I just thought it would keep the posts funny and make you want to keep reading. The last thing I want to you think is that you are reading a text book.

Trip – If you could not tell already, I loved this trip. I am extremely lucky to have Grandparents that actually want to take me on trips like this. I learned many life lessons throughout this trip. I am extremely lucky that I have been able to see these sights while I am young and could have the opportunity to enjoy it with people I love. I, by no means, want to brag about the trip. I do recommend you experience all these beautiful places. It will change you; it will make you want to appreciate the park system a little bit more.

Finally, I want to thank Grandma and Grandpa once more, on top of the ones I have already said, for taking me on this trip. I know you will miss me and I will certainly miss you.

Thanks for reading this far and following our trip.

Salutations from 18,000 ft in the air eating a Biscoff,




2 Replies to “Been There, Done That!”

  1. Thank you soooo much Logan, et al, for bringing us regular home-bound folks along for the ride. I am so grateful for all the wonderful photos and comments on all of your various adventures. We get to learn from your experiences. And I can’t think of a better classroom than the Great Outdoors. Joel Speth.

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