Final Days at The North Rim

As we near the end of our assignment at the North Rim, we realize that between last year and now our North Rim bucket list has all the boxes checked.

✔️Hiked North Kaibab Trail to Coconino Overlook

✔️Mule ride to Supai Tunnel

✔️Hiked Uncle Jim Trail

✔️Hiked Widforss Trail

✔️Hiked Cape Final Trail

✔️Hiked Point Imperial Trail

✔️Hiked Ken Patrick Trail

✔️Hiked (part of) Arizona Trail

✔️Drove to Point Sublime

✔️Drove out on Forest Service Roads 22 & 611

✔️Hiked out to Bright Angel Point

✔️Hiked Transept Trail

✔️Hiked Bridle Path Trail

✔️Hiked Roosevelt Point

✔️Hiked Cliff Spring Trail

✔️Visited Walhalla Pueblo Ruins

✔️Saw the Aspens change color inFall

We feel very fortunate for this amazing experience and have to thank Nancy Reilly, NPS for being here.

Our next stop will be a brief layover in Las Vegas before going home to St. Louis for doctor visits and birthday celebrations, then back to Vegas for a few days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

We report to Death Valley on October 9th for a three-month assignment. Hope you keep following us, because I have the camera ready to share all those sights with you!

For now, I hope you enjoy some final views of the North Rim… It’s been such an amazing journey!

Dorothy & Ken


  1. Very beautiful, you both have been blessed. Most people will never see what you have seen. p.s. Wayne Waterbury had a heart attack and a five way by-pass, He is recovering slowly.


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