As we near the end of our assignment at the North Rim, we realize that between last year and now our North Rim bucket list has all the boxes checked.

✔️Hiked North Kaibab Trail to Coconino Overlook

✔️Mule ride to Supai Tunnel

✔️Hiked Uncle Jim Trail

✔️Hiked Widforss Trail

✔️Hiked Cape Final Trail

✔️Hiked Point Imperial Trail

✔️Hiked Ken Patrick Trail

✔️Hiked (part of) Arizona Trail

✔️Drove to Point Sublime

✔️Drove out on Forest Service Roads 22 & 611

✔️Hiked out to Bright Angel Point

✔️Hiked Transept Trail

✔️Hiked Bridle Path Trail

✔️Hiked Roosevelt Point

✔️Hiked Cliff Spring Trail

✔️Visited Walhalla Pueblo Ruins

✔️Saw the Aspens change color inFall

We feel very fortunate for this amazing experience and have to thank Nancy Reilly, NPS for being here.

Our next stop will be a brief layover in Las Vegas before going home to St. Louis for doctor visits and birthday celebrations, then back to Vegas for a few days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

We report to Death Valley on October 9th for a three-month assignment. Hope you keep following us, because I have the camera ready to share all those sights with you!

For now, I hope you enjoy some final views of the North Rim… It’s been such an amazing journey!

Dorothy & Ken

2 Replies to “Final Days at The North Rim”

  1. Very beautiful, you both have been blessed. Most people will never see what you have seen. p.s. Wayne Waterbury had a heart attack and a five way by-pass, He is recovering slowly.


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