We arrived at Death Valley National Park yesterday morning after an easy drive from Pahrump, Nevada about 60 miles east of here. We had some scheduled maintenance done on the coach at Camping World in Las Vegas and while we were there we also traded the Honda for a new Jeep. It was a challenge, but everything got taken care of mostly within the timeline we had to work with. However, we did get a late start out of Vegas on Tuesday so we opted to stay overnight (Walmart) in Pahrump after grocery shopping and an easy dinner out.

Setting up camp was relatively quick and easy and we have a terrific site (#2) in this sprawling 150 site campground. The view from our site is a very pretty with the Panamint Mountains just across the valley floor.

Shortly after setting up we took a short tour of the beautiful visitor center. Today however, we did more extensive exploring and found the golf course, laundry, post office, Borax Museum, Zabriskie Point, Artist’s Pallet, Devil’s Golf Course, and the 20 Mule Team Drive.

As the pictures show, this place is massive, amazing and beautiful. We are both excited to continue to get to know Death Valley and, of course, we (I) think the campground needs our loving touch. Ken says, “Let’s not get too excited.”, but that’s my Kenny!

Hope you all are ready for many more pics and tales of our Death Valley adventure, because we will be here for three months!

Home is wherever I am with you,

Dorothy & Ken


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