Furnace Creek Campground (FCCG) Training and Litter Pickup

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Yesterday we met all the other camp hosts and received training from Park Rangers. Most of the Day was spent in the Visitor Center conference room, but we also had a very nice, short driving tour of the immediate area.

We went out for a couple of hours this morning and picked up trash from around the campground. The Mesquite trees are basically a low-growing mass of thorns that trash gets caught up in. We started out with a couple of trash pickers and buckets and then went back to the shed for a long-handled picker and found a great little wagon. After lunch we went back out for a couple of hours and finally we are done with litter pick up and only have a few Mesquite scratches to show for it.

Tomorrow we have campground training and determine our work schedule. Most importantly, the Ranger has promised to give us what we need to get a post office box, which is #1 on our priority list. As you can imagine, when you travel full time and are remotely located, an address is not a luxury item. Besides, I want to order a windshield sunshade for the Jeep 🚙 ðŸ˜ŠðŸ‘ðŸ»

For now, we are happy to be inside drinking iced tea and out of the heat for a couple of hours, but we do have an evening walk planned for later.

More pics another time… for now, just a couple of our litter pick up activity…

Dorothy & Ken


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