Valentines Day 2015. That’s the day that Ken and I got into our new 26′ Class C motor home and drove away from the curb in front of our daughter’s home near St. Louis. Two months after we started we traded for a 30′ Class A motor home and last December we traded that one for a 36′ RV. I think we finally found the right one, and that’s good because it’s expensive and exhausting to get through that process.

Full time RV travel was a new adventure for us and driving away was exciting and eye opening. I remember having to get up from my seat multiple times to adjust things in cabinets to quiet the rattling. Today’s moving days are so much easier and rattle free!

I won’t recount all of the stops we made since that day, but we have logged about 15,000 miles through all but twelve states and we’re still going strong.

We split our time between being typical tourists and volunteering for the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife, or the occasional state park.

As loyal followers of this blog and our travels, you know all of this but, it’s the anniversary of the beginning so I felt an update was in order along with some of our favorite photos.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentines Day to you and all our loved ones!

Dorothy and Ken


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