Our final working day (Thursday, March 29th) at SAC was filled with the California Junior Duck Stamp Contest judging. The day before we did all of the set up and then Thursday we moved lots of artwork. There were ten official/qualified judges (not us) and 2,336 pieces of art. At the end of the day there were 100 winners (25 from each of four K-12 groups) and the judges had selected the Best of Show. It was a lot of work for everyone behind the scenes (volunteers, interns and Refuge staff), but we carried it off without a hitch.

What a fun and busy project to be a part of, and because of weather at the California/Oregon Siskiyou Pass, our departure was delayed by a week; that allowed us to help out through the judging process.

With that work now behind us, this morning we hitched up the Jeep and headed for Coburg, Oregon, which is just north of Eugene. We saw the beautiful snow covered Mount Shasta and pristine Lake Shasta, and we made it through the much-anticipated Siskiyou Pass without a hitch… no snow and no rain! At this moment we are only 166 miles from our target. Wish us well.

We leave you with those thoughts and these photos from Oregon (first set) and the JDS artwork contest (second set).

Best wishes from Oregon,

Dorothy and Ken

3 Replies to “Without a Hitch”

  1. Dorothy and Ken,

    Great to hear you made it over the pass without a hitch. They can be scary for sure. You’re going to just love Oregon. Safe travels as you continue your journey north.

    Wow, such talented young artists! I would have loved to seen every one of those paintings.
    It does sound like it was a fun project to work on. I bet you two did a fine job.

    We’re home from our travels. It was a fun six weeks but the weather could have been a little better. It’s also good go be home..Jerry kept hogging the bed….I really missed our king. It would have been ok if I could have knelt on my knee but that isn’t possible yet….but soon.
    If you want more detail……..text me……..haha.

    Take care, miss you!
    Love, Robin & Jerry


    1. Robin, I’m glad you are home safe and sound from your trip! Not sure about St. Louis weather these last few days… y’all might want to head South again 😉. Did I tell you that we will be home in October? Let’s get together then! Love you 😍


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