Well, just when I had closed the book on our Oregon adventures another opportunity cropped up and we took it.

While watching the weather portion of last night’s local news broadcast Ken noticed on the weather map that there is a town nearby called Maupin, Oregon and the tug was just too strong to ignore.

This morning we packed a snack and went for an 80-mile drive that took us East on I-84 and South on US-197. The route was just stunning and with all that we have now seen of Oregon we concluded that it has to be the greenest state we’ve ever visited.

After a long stretch of rolling farmland and prairie we finally saw a very respectable town sign and we stopped for photos. The town is situated along the Deschute River and as such there are many rafting companies. There is a Maupin Market, one very old greasy looking gas station, and a post office. There is even a visitor center, but much to Ken’s chagrin it is closed for the season. We drove on through the small town looking for a lunch spot and finally found one. That’s it, there is only one. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad but they clearly don’t understand how to make a well-done burger… medium rare, maybe, but we ate around it. Instead of fries they parboil fingering potatoes, smash them and then fry them. Not bad. After our meal it was time to make the trek back.

Looking for variety, we turned left off of US-197 onto Hwy. 216, which took us back by way of the Mt. Hood National Forest and the views did not disappoint.

When we got back to the motor coach we began a light preparation for tomorrow’s departure, so this is it. No more sightseeing in Oregon. Our time here has been filled with so many enjoyable sights, but now we are ready for Washington!

We just want to take a moment to say safe travels to Leroy and Vickie who are making their way from Big Bend National Park over to California and eventually here in Oregon. And happy trails to Tom and Kathleen who are journeying to Homer, Alaska!

Dorothy and Ken

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