Devils Tower – Our First Week

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Let me begin by saying that there are fewer pictures attached to this post than there were to the Alaska post.

We arrived at Devils Tower National Monument on May 31st and began a rigorous two-day training schedule the very next day, which was immediately followed by four days of boots on the ground performing our duties.

As a side note, on our second day here we were in the RV trying to absorb the training material, schedules, and develop our interpretive programs when suddenly we each received a tornado watch warning on our cell phones. Of course, my immediate response is that we must get in the Jeep and drive the two miles to the office building and take shelter in the basement.

I’m thankful that Ken obliges me in these matters, because I certainly would hate to leave him behind to get blown away.

I’m also thankful that we did not get the tornado, although we did get ping pong ball sized hail, rain, and strong winds. Four tornadoes did touch down about 50 miles away in Gillette, Wyoming.

The motor home sustained some damage that we will have to address soon and the Jeep has some dents on the hood. I would like to see the Jeep repaired too, since it’s a new vehicle.

The forecast is once again calling for storms over the next few days and I pray they won’t be bad.

Meanwhile, we have three days off and it will be great to take a breather from learning and giving programs because I think we are on information overload.

Speaking of programs, let me briefly explain that our assignment has us delivering interpretive programs. That means that we lead a group on the Tower Trail around the base of Devils Tower. On that hike we stop at 10 different spots and talk about how the Tower was formed, climbers, American Indians, wildlife, etc.

Some days we also deliver a Ranger Talk twice a day. That program is about the only person who parachuted onto the top of Devils Tower – an interesting story!

I have to give a big shout out to Ken for taking the bull by the horns and stepping outside of his comfort zone. He has done an amazing job of learning the material and it turns out that he has good public speaking skills. I am very proud of him!

We hope that you are enjoying a safe summer that includes some restorative time in nature.

Dorothy and Ken


2 Replies to “Devils Tower – Our First Week”

  1. Hello again,

    I see that your “close encounter” at Devil’s Tower was with weather rather than aliens! I’m glad you two weathered the storm with no injuries…except some hail damage…but I’m very glad you two are fine. I really hate being in the motorhome when it storms.

    It sounds like they didn’t waste any time putting you guys to work. I imagine the Tower is quite busy this time of year with visitors. You two will keep busy for sure. How long will you be there?

    We visited the Tower years ago and walked around the bottom of it so I know it is quite a trek. Keep up the good work.

    Hope to see you soon! MISS YOU!


  2. Robin, you are our most devoted reader and I always look forward to your comments! And yes, they put us to work quicker than we could say boo, lol. We will be here until the end of July. Have a great time in Michigan and we will see you in October!!


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