Today was fun. We drove nine miles over to Hulett, Wyoming and watched the rodeo. Ken followed the program closely and I folded mine and tucked it into my back pocket so that I would have my hands free for picture-taking.

Out of respect for the locals, I tried not to block anyone’s view by getting a really good vantage point, so the pictures aren’t all that I wanted them to be, but still they give the flavor of the event. Ken had also pointed out early on that one did not want to be close to the fence/rails because of a healthy strip of water that, shall we say, might not have only been muddy. That same muddy mess was part of the rodeo clown’s act as he mud surfed through it a few times. Disgusting is all I will say about that.

The start of the rodeo was cute and unexpected as little kids rode sheep into the ring as though they were bulls. When I asked him, Ken said he really didn’t have a favorite event, but that he thought it was all really good. My favorite was the bucking broncos, with the barrel racing as a close second. And, I think the cowboys would agree that today the bulls were a force to be reckoned with.

It was nice to have the day to do something fun and different since the first of our three days off was spent doing maintenance chores. I cleaned the entire outside of the coach while Ken changed the oil and entertained the insurance adjuster while he assayed the storm damage. And, yesterday we drove an hour and a half to Spearfish, South Dakota to get groceries. So again, a day of fun was just what we needed to round out our time off.

Tomorrow we are back at it… volunteering at our nation’s very first national monument and loving every moment of it! In the meantime, we will continue to relax and enjoy this fine summer evening.


Dorothy and Ken

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