Today was finally picture-taking day. Ken and I drove up the hill to the Visitor Center with the hope that we would see people climbing and what do you know, but there were two climbing close to the summit on the West side.

I took a couple of shots from the Visitor Center but then we walked up to just below the boulder field on the Tower Trail for a few more pictures.

Earlier in the day, we drove over to Hulett for lunch at the Ponderosa and again later to the small grocery store. Along the way we scored some great photos of an Osprey on a nest and some scenic shots approaching Devils Tower.

Once back in the Park, we visited with the Prairie Dogs and took some photos there.

When we returned to Volunteer Village, I also made the time to photograph our neighborhood, which, not surprisingly, just happens to have a very nice view of Devils Tower, lol.

Speaking of the neighborhood, I took a few candid pictures of the crew here last week (July 4th) on movie night where we feasted on ribeye, drank sundown mimosas, and over indulged on brownies and rice crispy treats.

I’m very happy with all of the photos because I believe they capture the essence of this amazing place and we think you will agree that “Life is Good!”

Dorothy and Ken

2 Replies to “Life is Good!”

  1. Life is good indeed! Great pics! Looks like there are a lot of nice folks for you to hang with….that’s great. We need our friends, no matter how far or near they are! When you said you were going to Ponderosa for dinner, that’s not the Ponderosa that came to my mind! haha… Anyway, glad you’re enjoying life to the fullest! Again, great pics!!
    Take care and stay safe!


  2. Thanks, Robin. While we are happy that everyone here has been welcoming and that we have been included in two movie nights and have developed new friendships, there is nothing like family and longtime friendships that feel like family! Love you, sister. See you in October 🙂


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