We arrived at Juniper Campground in Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) – North Unit around 4 o’clock in the afternoon following an 8-hour drive on 85 North from Devils Tower, Wyoming. 

The campground and host site were easily found, but concern quickly set in as we surveyed the site. The electric panel was padlocked, the sewer connection is located 20 feet from the electric and water hookup is another 20 feet from the sewer. Clearly, we thought, this couldn’t be right. Doubting everything we knew about the agreement for this assignment, we got our paperwork, left the coach at the site, and drove the Jeep five miles back to the park entrance in hopes of finding out more at the Visitor Center. During that short drive we talked and discussed the option of staying one night and leaving in the morning. And, perhaps I secretly hoped for that outcome since we haven’t been home for thirteen months.

Long story short, the Law Enforcement Officers were a great help and Ken had plenty of sewer and water hoses to connect to the facilities, though the “backyard” is now a trip hazard/hose obstacle course.

The next afternoon we received a visit from our volunteer supervisor who drove the 70 miles from the South Unit of TRNP to bring us paperwork and uniform shirts. It was a good meeting and by then we had already settled in (yard ornaments and chairs set up) for our two-month assignment. Since then the bicycles have been off loaded, cleaned and serviced, and I’m happy to report that we are already riding and walking the area.

After a brief intro of our responsibilities, we hit the ground running with a full day’s work yesterday. The campground has 50 first-come, non-reservable sites and all but one was occupied last night.

Almost everyone left by Noon today so it’s been a quiet, lazy day. We have been enjoying this slow pace and the good life that comes with camping – a welcome change from busy Devils Tower. In fact, it began raining an hour ago and that just makes it all the sweeter. It’s a great day for doing laundry, reading, and most obviously, blogging. I will add that the cell service here is non-existent, but thankfully we are entitled to a good WiFi connection that only requires us to walk or bicycle a short distance (.25 mile).

We also found out that we have a volunteer connection here. During our first volunteer assignment in Texas (2015) we met Morgan who is now working here for the season. I always say that in our travels we never know who we might look up and see! So, it was nice to have a visit from Morgan last night and catch up with her.

I am most excited to know that our dear friends, Robin and Jerry, are planning to visit us here in August and fellow volunteers, Kathleen and Tom, are planning to visit in September. Just so y’all know… we have a spot picked out for you near us… just say when and we will leave the light on and a reserved sign up!

And for everyone at home… see you in two short months! 

Dorothy and Ken


2 Replies to “Juniper Campground”

  1. Hi. Glad everything worked out regarding your stay. We were so excited to hear that you’re going to have a spot for us near you. Thank you so much and we will keep in touch. We head out in the morning. Take care and we will see you soon.


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