We were more than thrilled recently to learn that our friends were coming for a visit from St. Louis.

Ken and I love how they get out and about in their RV to see this amazing country and enjoy our state and national parks, but we especially appreciate that they worked a visit with us into their plans.

Our visit with long-time friends, Robin and Jerry included hugs, lots of laughs, fun walks, exciting buffalo/bison viewing, lightning fast bicycle rides, and non-stop talking. Together, we took the scenic route through the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and went on a road trip to visit the Fort Union National Historic Site. Lunch at Matilda’s got exciting when the waitress spilled our drink, but we recovered nicely.

The week included sharing many great meals and a long-lasting chocolate eclair dessert that everyone enjoyed. And, Jerry can definitely whip up a great barbecue.

Robin and Jerry, we cannot express just how much your visit meant to us and we look forward to our next adventure with you!

On a final note, limited cell/WiFi service is hampering my ability to upload more photos to this post, but here are a few that make me smile…

Dorothy and Ken
























2 Replies to “A Visit From Home”

  1. Hello Dorothy and Ken,

    Well, we finally made it back to St. Louis in one piece. It was a long and delightful trip. Seven weeks was fun but it’s always good to be home. Back to civilization as “I” know it; Television, Internet, King bed!

    We want to thank you two for being such awesome hosts….for having our own special camp spot next to yours…..for sharing your air conditioning in your mansion….for that “to die for” delicious dessert and especially those lightning fast bike rides.
    We had a great visit with great friends. We had so much fun just chatting, eating, drinking, chatting, drinking and eating….need I say more. We look forward to our next visit with you. Probably Okee 🙂

    Wow, those are some fantastic photos! Except I don’t know who those two old folks are at the top of your blog….haha (and I don’t mean you and Ken).

    Thanks again Dorothy and Ken!

    We love you guys!

    Robin & Jerry


    1. Yay, glad you made it home safely! We would love to have y’all visit us when we’re back at OKE, but first I’m looking forward to seeing you in STL and hearing all about your trip! We sure have fun when we get together… see you soon 😘


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