We rolled into Pin Oak Creek RV Campground on September 30th and today it’s already October 31st.

Where has the time gone? It seems like we have just been able to glance at Missouri since we got here.

There are always so many doctor appointments in October… everything from each of our PCPs to eye doctors to dentists. And while I tried to schedule multiple appointments on some days, there still wasn’t enough time for everything and everyone.

A couple of family highlights during this visit was grandson Logan’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor and last weekend ‘s family photo session. We also had the pleasure of attending granddaughter, Hunter’s wedding to Jonathon. All were very special events and we were so pleased to be here for them.

All this to say that we still have four amazing days planned with family. Friday is girls’ craft night at Cori’s, Saturday night is a Cosmic bowling party to celebrate Logan and Jordan’s 18th birthday, and Sunday evening we are celebrating their birthday and mine with dinner. I always like sharing that the twins were born on my birthday (November 4th)!

We begin our journey back to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge early Monday morning. It’s a 900 mile drive, which we will break up into three days.

We are excited about returning to OKE for the winter and working with Gracie, Susie, Katie, Bruce, Carol, Ivan, and the other volunteers this season.

Next time we come home to Missouri the time won’t be spent visiting doctors, so more visits with friends and family is guaranteed. So, we will see y’all next May/June!

In the meantime, please wish us safe travels!

Dorothy and Ken

Logan taking the oath!

Grandpa waxing philosophically with Logan

Grandma and Jo sharing a laugh

The guys and Kimmie

The Chazen’s on Eagle COH day

Silliness with Jordan

Breakfast by Logan

ABPG Happy Hour

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