Okefenokee Girls Trip to Breckenridge

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Wow, what a December I’ve had! Early this month I joined up with Gracie, Maggie and Sarah for a girls trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.

While we were there, we attended the annual Lighting of Breckenridge, Race of the Santas and the Bernese (Berner) Mountain Dog Parade.

We went on a Dog Sledding adventure which took us on a six-mile tour of the snow covered Swan River Valley. The guide taught us how to run the sled and we alternated between being a passenger and running the sled that was pulled by some amazingly energized and skilled Siberian Huskies.

Breckenridge Brewery made the list of things to do, as did the Distillery. And on one starry evening we found ourselves huddled together under woolen blankets taking a Rocky Mountain sleigh ride pulled by beautiful draft horses.

We even took on the challenge of riding the Goldrunner Alpine Coaster down the mountain on 2,500 feet of elevated track down and through the forest at breakneck speed through hairpin curves and twists. This ride definitely confirmed that we are brave women!

I must also mention that this was Maggie’s first time seeing snow, so we had to make snow angels and play in the snow.

And when we weren’t thrill seeking physical adventures, we hunted food and shopping thrills that included some delicious crepes, hot chocolate, fun socks and beautiful coats.

We were up and out early each day slip sliding our way along the sidewalks to get downtown or to the Breck Transfer Station for a ride to our next destination.

Kudos to Maggie and Gracie for finding the perfect house for the week and for prearranging so many awesome things to do, you both outdid yourselves.

Breckenridge was my first Okefenokee Girls Trip and I’m so happy that I went. These girls sure know how to have a good time!

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