Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and Fort Clinch

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Today’s forecast caused us to go out early and explore the Fernandina Beach area, which is only about 56 miles from the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

We arrived at the downtown area of Amelia Island and had an excellent lunch experience at the Salty Pelican, including a favorite brunch drink of Bloody Marys.

Since we were at Front Street and on the waterfront we took time to visit with the local population of beautiful pelicans before moving on to the beach at the other end of town.

We weren’t really expecting to spend time on the beach today which was a good thing because it was hazy, breezy and not quite as warm as we like for beach time with a temp of about 72 degrees so we just took a quick look promising ourselves to return soon.

From there we drove the short distance to Fort Clinch State Park and enjoyed exploring the remains of the fort and, of course, I took many photographs. I really enjoy taking photos of old forts and I think it’s interesting that there are many archways and this particular fort was built primarily of red brick.

As we were leaving I was sure to take a picture of Ken with an interpretive soldier who said to Ken, “Go no further, give her a hug and a kiss, and follow me back to the Fort because I have some papers for you to sign.”

It seems that no matter what we do on our little trips away from the Okefenokee that we always end with a Walmart stop and today was no different.

Now we are back at the motor home and it’s time for some evening TV and lounging around. Wherever you are, we hope that you are spending a cozy and comfy Sunday evening while you browse our photos from today.

Dorothy and Ken

Intermediate level criminals get a cell and are tethered to a ball and chain.
The jail
Mess hall
I was intrigued by these old locks.

Barrels, barrels and more barrels

Dispensary and storeroom

Brick walls inside and out

Lots of archways
More archways

Archways and bricks

Wall of brick
Another archway
Brick archway
Pretty view towards the ocean
Pivoting cannon


Crossing the drawbridge and entering Fort Clinch
Outside wall and what used to be the moat

The canopy drive

Gray sky and Seagull at Fernandina Beach

Beautiful Pelican

2 Replies to “Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and Fort Clinch”

  1. Robin and I camped at Fort Clinch for 5 days in Feb 2016. We rode our bikes into Fernandina Beach and had lunch at The Salty Pelican also! We were on the 2nd floor sitting on stools facing the water. We later walked around town and ran into Jacques Pepin, his wife and granddaughter. We really enjoyed Fort Clinch SP, have tried to camp there 2 times since, but had to cancel each time. I am waiting for your comments/pictures of Disney World (love that place). Sounds like you and Ken are having quite an adventure as always!! Really enjoy reading about them! Take care!


    1. Jerry, you are our favorite reader! How great that you met Jacques Pepin. Fort Clinch is a beautiful place for bicycling.

      About Disney World… Can you believe no pictures?! I opted not to bring my camera and planned cell phone pics. The night before the theme park I used the hotel WiFi to do a much needed iPhone backup (because in our travels we are always starved for WiFi and backups). It wasn’t until after I left the hotel in the morning that my phone hadn’t charged during the night and by the time we got to the park my phone was running on fumes which meant not one picture. I think that because of that and the fact that Kenny hasn’t been to Disney, it’s a sign that I have to go back!

      Let’s get together when we are home in May/June… I need my Robin!!


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