Family Time with Two Very Special Graduates!

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Every now and again we finally find ourselves back in the St. Louis area for some much-needed family time.

We left Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on May 9th and spent a few days driving to Decatur, Indiana for scheduled RV service. They accomplished most of the to-do’s on the list and we headed home less than a week after we got there, which is great because once home is on the itinerary, I get super anxious to get there.

I also love surprising grandkids Alan, Logan and Jordan by fibbing about our date of arrival. This time we managed to sneak up on Alan by joining him and Cori for dinner. The look on his face was priceless when we walked up to him outside of the restaurant. ❤️

We arranged this home visit for a very specific purpose. The twins, Logan and Jordan, graduated high school last week and we wanted to celebrate their special time with them. So we had a great time at the commencement ceremony and family dinner.

This weekend was filled with love and laughter as a big group of family and friends got together for a terrific getaway at Blue Springs Ranch and float trip on the Huzzah River as part of the graduation celebration. Thank you Cori, you sure know how to put on a party!

Next weekend is an Open House to formally honor the grads and wish them well as they plan to go off to college in the Fall. Logan has chosen Missouri S&T for an Engineering degree and Jordan has decided on Fontbonne University for a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Education.

Congratulations to Logan and Jordan, Grammy and Grandpa are so very proud of you and we are so happy to share this time together with you!

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