After six quick weeks with family and friends in the St. Louis area we began our journey to Alabama this morning.

We had an uneventful day of driving with the usual pit stops for fuel and lunch before arriving at our planned destination an hour ago.

We are staying two nights at Sam’s Town RV Park in Tunica, or until our funds run out, lol.

It was bittersweet leaving home this morning. We would have loved to stay and finish a big project with our grandson, Alan, but we have a commitment with Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Gulf Shores, Alabama and after a yearlong wait for it, we really are excited for it.

Missing everyone already… we had a wonderful time with Cori, Andy, Logan, Jordan, Kim, Ben and Alan, as well as Robin and Jerry and all the ABPG gals and guys!

But, for now, please wish us luck at Sam’s Town and for our continued journey to Gulf Shores!

Dorothy and Ken

On the road again!

Lot #106 @ Sam’s Town RV Park

View from our RV of Sam’s Town @ Tunica, MS

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