Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge – Day 1

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We arrived at the Refuge early this afternoon and settled in fairly easily. The drive from Missouri wasn’t bad at all because we split it into three easy days, but I think we were both ready to get here and get a routine started.

We were welcomed by the other volunteer couple and treated to a delicious dinner of pulled pork and ribs with all the fixings and aside from the heat and humidity, it already feels like a short summer ahead because there is so much we want to do here.

The RV site is just off of the main road but we are really tucked back in a secluded area surrounded by trees and green space in an area set up for only two RVs and a newly built and furnished laundry building.

Tomorrow we will go to the grocery store and do some sightseeing, but we have been here before. When we first began our RV life, four and a half years ago we spent some time at Gulf State Park and drove right by here to visit Fort Morgan, which is only a short distance from our driveway. Maybe we will go back for another visit.

We begin our volunteer duties here on Wednesday and I’m fairly certain that I’ll be involved in sea turtle nest monitoring and I’m very interested in that.

Stay tuned for more updates as we explore beautiful Gulf Shores. We are very excited to be here!

Dorothy and Ken

2 Replies to “Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge – Day 1”

  1. My daughter Gina and I and her 2 girls stayed in the Fort Morgan area from 6/26-6/29 then moved here to Perdido Key FL. Leaving in miryto head back home. We passed the Park you are at and thought of you. Stay cool!!


    1. Sounds like a great trip for you. Sorry we didn’t get to see you while you were here. Our site is on Refuge property situated along State Highway 180 on the peninsula. Looking forward to some beach time and early morning golf on our days off. How is your game? We need to get in some practice to get back up to speed!


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