In anticipation of the second tropical storm of 2019, we battened down the hatches and now we wait.

In all of our exuberance, and upon arrival at Bon Secour NWR nearly two weeks ago, we set up our screen room, chairs, tables, outdoor fan, bug zapper, rug… you know, all of our creature comforts for outdoor living.

And now, we just spent a couple of hours over the last two days putting it all away in preparation for the wind and rain coming our way tonight and tomorrow.

We are very thankful that the brunt of the storm will not directly impact us.

I went to the Mobile Street beach this afternoon around three o’clock and the pictures really don’t show just how high the surf was. There were a few die-hard sunbathing couples on the beach and as one woman told me, when they were in the water they were surprised by a big wave and immediately got out of the water.

I talked with a couple of Fort Morgan fire department folks who were patrolling in a UTV and they told me that from what they’ve seen, all 21 of the sea turtle nests on the seven-mile stretch of beach on the Refuge have been compromised by the high tide. That corresponds with what volunteer Stephanie and intern Olivia experienced this morning during a nest encounter. Very sad.

Back to the weather, its raining now, but nothing heavy and the winds are not bad. Meanwhile, we are staying cozy in the motor coach and praying for all who are in the storm’s path.

All the best,

Dorothy and Ken

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