There may be just three of them, but it was a mighty good time with the Maupin siblings this past weekend. We ate, shared stories, relived times gone by, had our serious moments and laughed a lot.

We realized that was 14 years ago that Wayne, Kenny and Bev were all together, which made for a long-overdue reunion!

We rented a beautiful 3 bedroom/3 bath cottage right alongside Lake Shelby at Gulf State Park and even though it wasn’t “rustic”, we did our best to enjoy it 😉

As the event coordinator, on the first evening, I gained rave reviews for the chickpea salad and grilled steak and chops, the wine was said to be good, and the fresh fruits were well received.

We played cards (Golf) late into the evening and it is a good thing the cottages have a lot of green space between them because we sure know how to laugh and carry on. And there might just be a competitive streak in each of us!

There wasn’t enough time to do everything on the wishlist, but we did take the ferry to Dauphin Island for the day where we searched for and finally found the visitor center (⬅️⬆️➡️⬇️), had a lovely lunch at Captain Snapper’s, and enjoyed the Estuarium before catching the ferry back to Gulf Shores.

I had a great plan for making dinner that night, too. Grilled chicken brats, homemade pineapple salsa and Mexican Street Corn, all of which I have made before. I don’t know what happened, perhaps it was the wine, but somehow I didn’t read the recipe quite right and so instead of basting the corn after grilling, at my direction, we spread the mayo/yogurt/spice mixture on the ears of corn and then handed it off to the grill cook (Ken) who immediately called me out on my error. So, my helpers and I scraped the sauce off of the corn, reserving as much as we could for grilled corn. Okay, onto the grill it went, but by this time the charcoal briquettes were not hot enough to cook the corn in less than an hour and it was already after 7 o’clock. So now plan B, remove the corn from the grill and cook it in the microwave. Because the ears of corn had stems and husks still attached (think street corn), only a couple fit on the plate in the microwave and at that they kept knocking around and falling off the plate, but finally everything got hot and we reapplied the sauce, added the cheese and sprinkled them with ancho chili powder. Whew, so much for having a quick and easy meal! I’m glad that everyone was a good sport about it and pitched in to help, thank you.

We finished eating and broke out the cards for more games of Golf and good times.

For breakfast each morning Ken made a delicious meal of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach and we couldn’t get enough of the fresh fruits we had on hand.

Yesterday we spent time at the Outlet stores in Foley, took a day off from cooking and had dinner at the Original Oyster House before heading to The Wharf for a beautiful sunset Dolphin and Nature Cruise. We loved seeing and being entertained by the dolphins and actually managed to snap a couple of dolphin photos even though you see them one moment and not the next.

When we got back to the cottage it was time for another couple of rounds of cards… well, make that a few games to give everyone a chance at first place. Trophies were awarded for 3rd and later 1st place (okay, it really was a long-handled slotted spatula, but whose judging, lol).

It was a late night, but we all popped up early today to spend a couple of hours together before Wayne, Dee and Bev left us for their drive back to Tuscaloosa, AL and then tomorrow Wayne and Dee fly back to Phoenix.

Before departing we managed to get in a few family photos that I hope bring a smile to the faces captured within.

To Ken, Wayne, and Bev, I hope you enjoyed spending time with one another and look forward to doing it again in the next 14 years. I’m sure that Dee enjoyed sharing this special time with you as much as I did!

Safe travels, until we meet again, and much love to each of you ❤️


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