The Final Days at Bon Secour

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As summer winds down so does the visitor count at the Refuge. Yesterday I entertained just four visitors in the visitor center – all of whom came in for the purpose of using the restroom. I practically had to force a picture of shells onto a girl who reportedly likes to look for shells. None were interested in walking any of the trails because it is just too hot. And the humidity is running at about 97 percent.

Just ten minutes outside without any physical activity and you will be soaked in sweat. Tasked with checking Refuge vehicle stats (odometer readings, tire pressure and tire gauge), I unwittingly jumped at the opportunity to be busy and get outside of the visitor center early yesterday afternoon. When I was just about finished I saw my reflection in a mirror and was horrified to see that my non-waterproof mascara had run down almost all the way to my cheeks. Thank goodness I had stopped to mop the sweat from my face and neck before heading back inside to work with people! 😳

So, you get the idea of just how hot and humid it can be in Gulf Shores, Alabama in the summer. And so much for going to the beach because the jellyfish are everywhere. Whose bright idea was it to volunteer here during the summer anyway? Mine, you say? Why yes, I started working on getting us assigned to this location back in April of 2018.

I guess you could say that this was a lesson learned and that things don’t always work out the way we hope and plan. I got sick a couple of weeks ago and spent some time in the ER and now I need to follow up with my doctor back in St. Louis, so we will be leaving Bon Secour next week.

We always try to stay positive about things and so now we are looking forward to getting home even though it’s a little earlier than planned.

Our early departure did finally force us to get over to Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR this morning, and although the Cranes stayed well under cover we enjoyed a trail walk that revealed so many beautiful little flowers, some butterflies and a nice time in the visitor center.

We stopped at Country Cowboys for a Greek salad and then stopped for a trail walk on the Jeff Friend trail back here at Bon Secour.

Final days anywhere seem to be the sweetest, don’t you agree?

Dorothy and Ken

2 Replies to “The Final Days at Bon Secour”

  1. D&K,
    Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear you were had to go to the ER. That’s not a fun visit. I do hope you’re doing better. I imagine the heat there was not helpful. Bon Secour looks like an awesome place to visit….when the weather is much cooler.

    Again, beautiful photos!

    Take care (I mean that)
    Hope to see you in STL.
    Robin & Jerry

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