Another Volunteer Adventure Coming Right Up

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We have been enjoying ourselves in Florida since leaving Missouri and (much) cooler temps behind. In fact, we were only gone a short time when snow arrived, so our timing was good!

Our short-term destination was Ormond Beach where we have stayed before and in close proximity to our dear friends, Mark and Laurie. We always have a great time with them and this time was extra special because we visited them in their beautiful new home. We love sharing a cocktail, breakfast or dinner with them as we exchange laughable moments and intelligent adult conversation, which is rare when you’re vagabonds as we are, lol.

This morning, after a week of “vacation” we are on the road again. The last two months of being with family and friends has been great, but we are looking forward to our next volunteer assignment, which begins today!

In a few hours we will be at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge where they are eagerly awaiting our arrival. I hope that’s a good sign of how much fun we will have during the next six months, which includes a 7-day Caribbean cruise.

While they are a relatively small wildlife refuge, they have a significant bird population, so I’m excited about dusting off the cameras and trying my hand at photography again.

There is much for us to look forward to in this next adventure and we hope that you will wish us luck!

Dorothy and Ken


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