We were greeted warmly by fellow volunteers, Roger and Janice when we arrived here on November 15th and by everyone else we have met at the Refuge since that day.

There are three pads for those of us resident RV volunteers and as the second couple to arrive, we had the choice of two spots and I selected the site on the far left with a hedge of firebush on our door side and a nice white vinyl privacy fence that will separate us from the next couple who are planning to arrive in January and will be positioned on the middle site. I like looking out my door and seeing the fluttering butterflies and perched mockingbirds on the firebush, as well as the awesome sunset in the distance.

The RV sites here are the nicest volunteer accommodations we have experienced. The concrete pad is spacious and there is a beautiful patio of pavers right alongside so that we can enjoy our screen room and outdoor chairs since the weather has been an amazing 72 to 80 degrees daily.
Within the first few days we completed a defensive driving course and took part in a CPR/First Aid certification course, which was good since our previous certifications recently expired.
Ken’s assignment here is with the maintenance crew and I’ve been assigned several administrative projects, which so far has been very rewarding, as well as exhausting.
We are off tomorrow and Thursday and we are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Mark and Laurie in Ormond Beach. Our dinner contribution consists of three fresh baked pies that we ordered from Bedner’s, an awesome fresh food market at the beginning of Lee Road which leads to the Refuge entrance. But I digress… back to the pies… pecan, pumpkin and key lime!

There is much to explore here at the Refuge and I’m looking forward to walking the Marsh Trails this weekend with my camera… exercise and photography. 😊

For now, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 🍽🦃

Dorothy and Ken




5 Replies to “Volunteering at Loxahatchee NWR”

  1. Dorothy and Ken ” HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

    We are thankful for such great friends like you two! It was great visiting with you while you were in town.
    Your photos are fantastic as usual and I know you were excited about getting that camera out again. Great job! I look forward to them always. I’m very happy you got a great camp spot. We both know how nice it is when we do. Have a beautiful day and eat lots of turkey!
    Take care and enjoy the adventure in you new surroundings.

    Love you guys,
    Robin & Jerry


    1. We love you guys so much and we are very thankful to have your friendship. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with Mark and Laurie in their new home, which is as beautiful as they are. Hope your Thanksgiving was fun as well. Will post more pics soon! Love you 😘


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