Volunteering at Loxahatchee NWR

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Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience and we have found that in this place. We have volunteered around the country since October 2015 and we’ve discovered that not every place is for us. Whether it be location, staff, fellow volunteers, or the work assignment, sometimes it just doesn’t work. And sometimes when we have repeated an assignment, because of personnel changes, the vibe doesn’t work for the second term. But, fortunately for us because we really enjoy what we are doing, we have had many more positive experiences than not.

So far, we are finding Loxahatchee NWR to be such a positive environment. We are enjoying the staff, our fellow volunteers, the surrounding area, and our jobs.

Ken is working in Maintenance again and I’ve been lending an administrative hand to our volunteer coordinator. Ana was quick to put me to work sorting through volunteer files and recording data. She also has assigned me to collect fees from each entry station and work with the team to count, record and deposit those funds. It’s a big job. In maintenance, Ken has been tending to the boardwalk, cutting miles and miles of grass, washing vehicles, collecting recycling, and everything else they task him with.

Almost as soon as we arrived we began a training regime (defensive driving, CPR/1st Aid, VC Front Desk, Nature Store, and EEO).

While it’s been a whirlwind of activity, we’ve settled in nicely and we are very appreciative of the fact that this is not a hostile work environment for any reason, nor will they allow for it to be. Not every place is a place for everyone, but so far Loxahatchee seems to be a place for us.

Happily from Loxahatchee, in sunny and warm Florida,

Dorothy and Ken

4 Replies to “Volunteering at Loxahatchee NWR”

  1. Hi Dorothy! This is one of the best post for the Lox section, LOL. I am so happy you and Ken like Loxahatchee. Also, I like the composition of pictures, well done! =D

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