This afternoon we went with fellow volunteers Roger and Janice to meet up with their daughter, Shanti and another volunteer couple, Sue and Carl, who live in a beautiful condominium community called Friends Village, located in Boca Roton very near the intercostal waterway.

After meeting up with everyone at Shanti’s condo we had an early dinner at Flashback Diner before heading to find the perfect spot for watching the Christmas boat parade, which appropriately began with beautiful fireworks.

What a treat! We were amazed by the creativity, themes, number of lights and decorations. Big boats and small alike were totally decked out to the pleasure of the crowd watching from the sidelines. Cheers and good wishes were exchanged, but the best surprise for me was the Marines who stopped their boat nearby to collect Toys for Tots.

All-in-all, the evening was so much fun, and we couldn’t help but giggle at our good fortune to have met these people, be in this beautiful place, and enjoy warm balmy weather on the 15th of December. This evening’s parade and fellowship certainly has put me in the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

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