Peaceful Waters Sanctuary and Great Horned Owl at Loxahatchee NWR

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Just about 15 miles north of the Refuge is a wetland area known as Peaceful Waters Sanctuary located in Wellington.

Peaceful Waters was on our to-do list, and when I saw that it is due to close for repairs from January 6 until September, I knew that today was the day. So, this morning we made the short drive there and walked on the boardwalk looking for birds and any other wildlife.

Immediately upon entering, we spotted a snake sunning itself on the walkway regardless that people were walking next to it. In fact, I thought it might be dead, but it had changed locations when we were leaving, but was nearly in the same spot.

It was a breezy day with winds at about 15 mph so we didn’t expect a lot of bird activity, but we were happy to see a Tri-colored Heron, a few Egrets, White and Glossy Ibis and several turtles, including the skeletal remains of a large (mud) cooter.

After a while we returned to the Refuge and went out for another walk, this time hoping to see the Sandhill Cranes. Instead, we were treated to a rare sighting of a Great Horned Owl perched in a tree near the duck blind.

Once back at the RV, I took a look at the pictures from today and I’m pretty happy with them. I hope that you enjoy them, as well.

Dorothy & Ken

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